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  Sedliacka Dubová
Attraction highlighting: the ski lift
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The village Sedliacka Dubová lies in the north of the Žilina region near by the Orava Castle. It is placed in a beautiful "corner" of Slovakia, which is Orava, in a little valley on the main road line Žilina-Dolný Kubín-Trstená-Krakov. There is the Orava River, which flows by the village offering fishing possibilities.

The first written reference to the village preserved from the year of 1397. Nowadays 500 inhabitants live in the village. The infrastructure of the village has a very good standard. The village is attached to the mains, to the Orava group water supply and the gas is conveyed here. A regular bus and railway transport runs here. The cable TV is launched with foreign channels; the post box and the phone box are in disposal for the residents.

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The residents are except their jobs engaged especially in agriculture, which makes great conditions for agricultural tourism development. There is an agricultural co-operative, an urban (wood) association, sport club, fire brigade and the Slovak Red Cross. There are two restaurants and a shopping network (groceries, drugstore, textile, stationer's shop and gardening shop). It is possible to obtain lodging in a new constructed lodging house, in the building of the parish office. A ski lift, ice hockey and football playground with new cloakrooms is available in the village. In case of a bad weather the Culture House provides its premises for different activities like table tennis or chess. To satisfy the intellectual needs there is also a library and the local festivities are ideal the physical satisfaction.

From the cultural monuments there are ruins of a Baroque church preserved and still towering above the village. The second church that has also preserved stands right in the village. The village is a suitable place for trekking routes, mainly in winter when ski passages through the village area take place.

The village has got a lot of free premises for entrepreneurial activities, eventually for the travel trade. The village offers this way these premises also to the potential visitors who would like to do business or settle down here.

The village football team plays in the fourth league. A sport-shooting club works very well, they reach excellent results in shooting from historical and small calibre guns. They are in the highest qualification of the World championship. In 1999 a construction of a rifle range began.

A remarkable work is the work of the Cynologist Club and the Club of the Slovak Tourists. The association of hunters "DROP" carries out hunters' rights on the area of 3123 hectares and has got 53 members. Considering the present conditions they have a good hunting ground. They hunt rabbits, pheasants, roes and ducks.

We must not forget to mention the folklore companies. In 1989 the "Matičiar" folklore company was established by MO-MS. Since 1997 it has been working by the culture-municipal organisation of the town Šaľa under the name of "Chemik".

In 1993 the dancing group "Mátyus" was established. They have done many performances at home as well as abroad and they hold on to the tradition of the Hungarian folklore. The primary schools run two children folklore groups. In 1999 a singing ensemble "Rozmarín" celebrated the 20 anniversary of its establishment.

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