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Village of Šintava is located in the southern Slovakia; right on one of the biggest Slovak plains known as Podunajská nížina. This geographical position and mild climate makes this village an ideal place for fruit and vegetable growing. Almost 12 per cent of the total village area (152 hectares) consists of private gardens in which we could find many varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs. This particular part of the country is well renowned for high quality wines which are produced in the village. Historical documents suggest that this village has been one of the top producers of wine in the country for centuries. Tasty grapes are grown in almost every garden; they are picked at the peak of the season and used in the local wine factory Šintavan Ltd. This small Slovak village with less than 1700 inhabitants is a nice place to come and discover true rural environment and learn about wine traditions and production.

The earliest written reference of Šintava dates from 1074 when the village was known as ''Sempte''. Several historical publications suggest that the village has been established in 8th century. Šintava is situated near River Váh which has made it an ideal place for settlement in the past. The village was known as an important merchant center - even the first printing and publishing company in the country was established in Šintava. It was owned by Peter Bornemisza, a well - known specialist on printing who came to Šintava in 1573. Printing in those days was a very difficult job, requiring plenty of skills, effort and time. Mr. P. Bornemisza's biggest achievement was publishing his own books on religion, Christianity and preaching. His popular books include ''Čo kresťanom na pobožnostiach kážu'', ''Riešenie'' and ''Postila''. The latter book consist of seven thousands of pages which must have been not only difficult to write but also print and publish. The outstanding achievement of Mr. P. Bornemisza, Šintava's famous native, was acknowledged by the local community - the memorial commemorating this unique person was erected in the village in 1973, 400 years after he came to the village. The monument ca be seen in the small park in front of the local primary school.

Šintava is a very good starting point for many outdoor activities. The nearby area of outstanding natural beauty known as ''Dubník'' is only a few miles away. It is ideal for short and long walks as there are plenty of public footpaths. This area has been protected since 1954 and consists of more than 20 hectares of woodlands. For those who prefer water sports, there is a sporting center ''Lodenica'' which is located near Kráľova. It was established almost 15 years ago and attracts many people who have a particular interest in rowing. Many visitors use to come to this sporting complex for a long weekend or a week's holiday as there are is a popular camping site and a nice restaurant too. The proprietor of the restaurant is happy to cater for smaller or bigger parties, celebrations, anniversaries or even weddings. To get some more information about this sporting center, contact us on +421 31 7897 180.

If you wish to receive more information about Šintava, please phone +421 31 7892 370 or fax on +421 31 7892 5411.

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