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pohlad z hora

Patince is situated in the southernmost part of Slovakia and our recreational centre lies 17km from Komárno in the direction of Štúrovo.

The place lies in the area of the longest sunshine and the highest temperatures ever measured in Slovakia. Our centre was created in the vicinity of a thermal spring flowing out from the depth of 180-200m with temperature of 27°.

Apart from rich and various vegetation the place has also large beaches, water areas for bathing and boating as:
  • sports swimming pool (50*20m)
  • Sports swimming pool
  • recreational swimming pool (1935m2)
  • Recreational swimming pool
  • swimming pool for children (200m2)
  • Swimming pool for children

The artificial lake (1.4 hectares) serves for water sports, boating and riding the water bikes. This lake provides its services to fishermen, too. For sportsmen there are modern playing fields - volleyball, minigolf and tennis courts.

Cultural experience also belongs to a pleasant recreation. In the amphitheatre the films are being screened and some exbihitions of professional artists are regularly organized.

The main season in our centre begins June 1 and ends September 10 every year, but for relaxing and resting in the nice environment our centre is opened all the year round.

Total capacity of the centre is 7,000 visitors. Capacity of beds is approximately 2000.

Our contact number:
+421-903-447629, +421-905-948845.
E-mail: trade@ba.psg.sk

         e-mail: trade@ba.psg.sk
         tel.: 00421-903447629, 00421-650340155
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