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 Attraction highlighting: Sobranecké spa, Lake Morské oko

Sobrance is a small town situated in the north-east tip of the East Slovakian Lowlands and became shortly the administrative centre of the new district having the same name.
The town´s territory was colonized in XIVth century. The town has a new technical infrastructure and citizens´ facilities of higher level.


The town was built on fertile grounds and lies near the highlands Podvihorlatská pahorkatina which is rich in woodlands, plants and animals.
The part of the town is the health resort Sobranecké kúpele. Its main function is curative but the resort is fulfilling also the function of a holiday centre.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Sobrance neighbours are full of interesting and attractive places.

Lake Morské oko in the country reservation Vihorlat is one of the nicest nature seclusions of eastern Slovakia. It is a nature reservation with protected flora and fauna. Sninský kameň (1005 m) known by its circular view to near mountains and valleys towers above its surface.

roman-catholic church

Zemplínska šírava is a water reservoir being a very popular summer recreation region with several well equipped centres.

Near Sobrance you can find very interesting villages with typical houses, picturesque forests, meadows and vineyards. From tourists´ point of view it is a country of silence and new discoveries.

map of surroundings

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