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The District town of Stropkov is located in the hill ranges known as Nízke Beskydy and Ondavská vrchovina. Situated in the valley known as Stropkovská brázda, the town of Stropkov is a typical small and sleepy town in the Eastern Slovakia with the basic infrastructure and good variety of shops and services.


The highest point of the town which is called Baňa is located 526 metre above sea level. The local river Ondava, which runs nearby Stropkov, is an important location for water fauna (including fish, birds etc.). It is one of the cleanest rivers in the country and has been used for various purposes over the previous centuries. The historical documents of this area show that the upper part of the Ondava River and the town of Stropkov have been inhabited since late Stone Age. Several pieces of ceramics and industrial tools have been found in the local area and they all date from Stone Age.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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One of the most popular recreational area known as Domaša is situated only 10 m from Stropkov. Domaša - one of the biggest dams in the country - has attracted many tourists and visitors over the past decades and has remained one of the most popular holiday destination for the local population and foreign visitors from the neighboring countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic as well as Netherlands and Germany). Numerous hotels, guest houses and private holiday cottages are dotted around this huge dam, together with a good variety of restaurants, refreshment kiosks, newsagents, water sport centers and local shops.

Places of interest in the town of Stropkov include:
  • The Gothic Church which dates from 14th century. Once a part of the Stropkov Castle, this church was gradually extended and the Tower built in the gothic style was added to the main body of the church. The interior of the church is decorated in the baroque style. Watch for the main altar which has got many decorative features and interesting ornaments. This altar is one of the most impressive altars in the whole country. The ceiling of the church, wall paintings and the side altars are also worth noticing!
  • The old Manor house, built in gothic - renaissance style, was once a part of the Stropkov Castle.
  • The surrounding buildings, garden and passages around the Manor house
  • The local curia
  • The newly built Greek Catholic Church
  • Castle wells and baroque sculptures in the town center


Translation: Bendikova

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