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Attraction highlighting:  Roman - catholic church
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Sucany is located 9 kilometres northeast from the town of   Martin. It is among one of the earlier areas in the continent that were originally colonised by Slav tribes. The earliest documented reference was written in the year of 1258. Till nearly half of the 14th century, Sucany belonged to part of castle Sklabina´s property, after which became   small centre for the estate around   the local castle. The castle was demolished at the order of King Matej in the year of 1488.
By the middle of the 14th century, Sucany became a serfhood municipality with administrational and jurisdictional autonomy, with the right to arrange the public markets and to collect revenue and tools from merchants.


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         Cultural monuments

  • The roman Catholic church, built in the late 13th century with gothic architecture,
  • The Evangelist church, built in 1783 with an altar picture by artist J.B.Klemens created in 1862,
  • pranier z 30. rokov 19. storočia,
  • The birth home of Durko Langsfeld with a permanent exposition about the history of Sucany.

    Historical nobles of Sucany:
  • Karol Ambroz - elektrote technician,
  • Dr. Milan Hodza- political bourgeois, primier of the first Czechoslovakia Republic
  • Durko Langsfeld- volunteer in the Revolution of 1848.

    Sporting facilities:
  • two football fields (soccer fields),
  • tennis courts,
  • bowling alley,
  • hiking,
  • mountain climbing on the Maly Fatransky Krivan peak,
  • fishing.

  • The“Plutva” bathing resort – 100 guests
  • The house of sports – 60 guests,
  • Touristic camping grounds – 100 guests (summer season).
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