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Attraction highlighting: Šútovo falls
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Village Šútovo lies in the skirts of National Park Malá Fatra 20 km northeastwards to Martin (town). The area of Šútovo had been sporadically settled since the era AD. A fortified settlement has been found by archeologists originating from the 9th and then 11th and 12th century. Another small settlement starts here in the middle of the 13th century, which is noticed in writing as a village in 1403 for the first time. Šútovo originally belonged to castle Suča of the Baláš family in the 13th century. Name of the village is according to documents derived from “goats without horns” – (šuty). The first name of the village used to be “Šuto”.Extent of the village area is 1663 ha. Number of inhabitants: 516.
Šutovsky vodopád z diaľky Šútovsky vodopád Šútovsky vodopád Cesta od vodopádu

Places of Interest
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The village is a departure point to the attractive Šútovská dolina (valley) at the end of which is located Šútovský vodopád (waterfall) with the height of 38 m. The waterfall is watered by the Springs of Moses springing near the village Hromové
A gorge – Tesnô with a couple of small waterfalls is interesting, too. There is a possibility for refreshment in the cottage Fatranka and accommodation in the cottage Vodopád (Waterfall) in the valley. The peak Chleb (1647 m above the sea level) is the third highest peak of Malá Fatra. It provides good perspective. Under the peak is located a tourist accommodation with refreshment, which run all the year. This locality is a frequently visited ski center due to snow enduring to the late time of spring. Slopes are suitable for well-skilled skiers. In the surroundings of the village there is a ski lift of local importance. 

turisticka chata Voliarka Chata pod Chlebom Chata pod Chlebom
There is a possibility of swimming, rowing and windsurfing on the natural lake Rieka. Interesting are these tourist routes  Šútovská dolina – Vodopád – Tesnô – Mojžišove pramene – Chata pod Chlebom – Chleb. There is an active folkloric group. Folk crafts are being preserved, particularly wood carving, basketry, weaving and embroidering. There is a possibility of trout fishing in the Šútovka stream of Šútovská dolina. The forests offer deer hunting. The village wants to concern more with the development of tourism especially country tourism.
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