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Dolny Hron


Tekovské Lužany

 Attraction highlighting: Monument from 1896

vlajka Tekovské Lužany, situated in the eastern part of the Podunajská lowland in a wide fertile land of the lower Hron river with almost 3000 inhabitants is the biggest village of the district Levice.

The first written reference about Tekovské Lužany originates from 1156 mentioned under the name Surla as a more important parish office belonging to the Esztergom archbishopric. Since the 16th century Tekovské Lužany had been an yeoman place (oppisum) and a centre of the southern part of the Esztergom archbishopric. From the year 1601 originates a mention about existence of a school and since 1662 village of agricultural character has had the market right.
Its main goal was trade in cattle and products of craftsmen.

monument from 1896

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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On April 19, 1849 broke out one of the bloodiest war confrontations between the Hungarian soldiers and the Emperor´s troops during the Revolution years 1848/49.
In honour of victory of revolution troops in this battle and in honour of more than 400 dead soldiers a monument was built in 1896 in the village - a present-day protected national monument.

Present-day Tekovské Lužany with its position belongs to important centres of the Dolnohronský region (the Region of the lower Hron) - board and lodging, cultural and tourist experience (hunting, fishing, horse-breeding, a cycle-tourist path along the Hron and the so-called Wine road.

The Municipal Office Tekovské Lužany, SNP 43, 935 41. Phone 036/7723501, 036/7723129
The Cultural centre Mladosť, Topoľská 1, 935 41 Tekovské Lužany. Phone 036/7723511.

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