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Region Pieniny and Zamagurie


 Attraction highlighting: Cottages

Zálesie belongs to the youngest villages of the Zamagurie. It is situated on the foot of the northern slopes of the Spišská Magura, above the Zálesiansky brook which flows into the Rieka brook at Matiašovce. Village was founded in 1636 following the Valach´s right under the name Gibeľ and local people call village with this name till the present day. Village belonged to owners of the castle in Niedzica.

Inhabitants worked in agriculture and in the forests. Nowadays many natives live in the surrounding industrial and agricultural seats and there were preserved the Goral´s settlements after their leav which are used as cottages.

Location of village out of the main trafic road, but not so far from the most important tourist centres of the Zamagurie creates ideal conditions for cottage and relax tourism. Crest of the Spišská Magura, the Pieniny, seats with preserved folk architecture like Osturňa, Jezerské and Havka are very sought objects for auto-tourism combined with walking or for cycle-tourism. In Červený Kláštor tourists can go rafting through the Prielom Dunajca, very popular is walking through this or by bicycle using an educational tourist path to village Lesnica or to the Polish spa town Szcawnica. An extraordinary advantage is the proximity of the frontier crossing between Slovakia and Poland in Lysá nad Dunajcom, which enables to enlarge tourism into the P olish side of the Pieniny and Podhalie.

Accommodation for tourists provide cottages and boarding houses like the Zálesanka standing in the middle of village with capacity of 40 beds.

Translation: Hošková

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