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Mikroregion Bošáčka


Zemianske Podhradie

 Attraction highlighting: The Empire Evangelical Church, the Rennaissance Manor house, the memorial house of Holuby – Rizner.

Zemianske Podhradie is situated in the centre of the Bošácka valley and is important because of history and culture. The first written mention of village is a pergamen from the year 1397, under the name Podhrady (1477 Podragye, 1484 Podhradie, 1598 Pohrady prenes Bsacy, 1808 Zemanské Podhradi). The Hungarian name of village was Nemespodhrágy. Coat-of-arms of village was taken from a former seal and is formed by a golden lion with flowers in a blue field. The lion in this coat-of-arms represented the yeoman´s character of village. Village is situated in a valley of the White Carpathians. Absolute altitude 238m, 770 inhabitants.

Zemianske Podhradie
Zemianske Podhradie

Path for cycling:
Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Dolné Srnie, Bošáca, Zemianske Podhradie, Nová Bošáca, the frontier crossing to the Moravia – Březová. Near the village some signed tourist pathes lead to the White Carpathians.
- by train from Trenčín and Nové Mesto nad Váhom to Trenčianske Bohuslavice, by bus from Trenčín or Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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The Rennaissance Manor-house is the oldest monument in our village and comes from the 17th century, later rebuilt into the Classicism with a large park. It belonged to property of yeoman´s families Príleskís, later to Ostrolúckis. Nowadays there is the House of social services.

The Empire Evangelical Church from the beginning of the 19th century is oval with a circumferential collonade. It is an unique one in Central Europe. Foundation of the Church were laid down in the year 1785, finished thanks to family Príleskís in the year 1801.

Kostol evanielický a.v.
Temple Morrowempire evanielic a.v.

The memorial house of Holuby – Rizner is dedicated to two important persons who had been living in the village. J.Ľ.Holuby worked here as an evangelical priest in the years 1861-1919. Except his profession he was engaged in archeology, botany and ethnography. He collected folk songs, customs, sayings and explored the whole Bošácka valley and its surroundings archeologically and botanically. Ľ.V.Rizner (1849-1913) was a teacher and all his life dedicated to writting and to pedagogical work. He is a founder of the Slovak bibliography.
Surroundings of Zemianske Podhradie is very important from the historical point of view. To the west from village at Hradiská, Bašta and at Martákova rock there are many marks of large bulwarks of a fort and settlement from the Age of Púchov´s culture. In the area of village some relics from the Ages of Lausitz, Hallstadt und La Tene were found.
Hill Skalica is situated over village from which is a wonderful view of the whole Bošácka valley.

Translation:  Bendíková

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