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Zemplínske Hámre

 Attraction highlighting: nature beauties

At the end of the 18th century lord Jozef Rholl moved from Rolová Huta to Snina and bought forests and a farm. On the foot of the Vihorlat began to search for gold and silver. But he discovered iron ore and silicates. For purpose of ore and glass melting he made miners, glass-blowers, colliers from the surroundings of Margecany to move their houses here and then in 1809 founded a worker´s settlement called Jozefova Dolina.

In 1844 village was renamed - Szinna Hámor and in 1918 had become village called Sninské Hámre. In 1956 its name was changed into Zemplínske Hámre.
In 1997 village got its coat-of-arms and flag. Nowadays there live 1272 inhabitants.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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In the village is located a modern Culture House, an elementary school, a kindergarten, a church, a mourning house and a sports area. Village has water-pipelines and in 2000 gas-pipelines were layed down, in present day a project documentation for drainage is being prepared.

Village is a gate for entry into the protected landscape area on the southern part of the Vihorlat. A lovely nature, extraordinary fauna and flora attract lovers of nature. Tourist pathes to Sninský kameň, Morské oko, Kotlík, Podstavka form an area for rest and illusions. Access to village: from the railway station Belá nad Cirochou or by bus from Snina. The railway express ends in Humenné or by plane to Košice.

Accommodation in the hotels Kamei in Snina or in Armales in Stakčín. Near tourist pathes to Morské oko you can be accommodated in cottages. In village will be a new restaurant in operation (at the Kostolné square), refreshment in two pubs, to go buying in six private shops.
In village there are several luxurious houses - accommodation at fine prices.

Visit our village and its surrounding nature and you will be very nice surprised by nature beauties and hospitality of people living here in this region under the Vihorlat.

Translation: Hošková

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