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 Attraction highlighting: Church of St Rozália, Statue of St John Nepomucký

Village Andovce is situated in the Small Podunajská lowland between the rivers Váh and Nitra, 5km to the southwest away from the district town Nové Zámky. Area of village is 1000ha, is flat with an average absolute altitude 115m above sea level Number of inhabitants is 1200, thereof 75% are of the Magyar nationality and 25% of the Slovak nationality.
Inhabitants of village are employed in the companies of agricultural resort, or at Agroter s.r.o., Agroker s.r.o. and in business sphere represented by Elis (processing of timber), Madplant - a gardening centre, Lagin - production of clothes, Zlatý klas - a bakery. Access to village is provided by road by bus connection SAD.


The first written mention of village is from the year 1264 of a document of property of the Szegiovcoc, of the family Pázmány under the name Ondod. Results of archeological finds from the surroundings (Gug) are a proof of presence of the Avar-Slaw burial places in these areas.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Important cultural monuments of village:
  • the Church of St Rozália from 1858, when the former Church from the half of the 18th century was enlarged and got the present-day look.
  • Statue of St John Nepomucký from 1800 situated near a road.
  • The stone cross from 1806
  • The stone cross at Calvary from 1849
  • The Calvary with atrium shape from 1927/28
  • Chapels at an old cemetery from 1914 and 1924
  • Statue of St Vendelín from 1925
  • The Cenotaph of the World Wars I and II
  • Monumental of poet and academician Gergely Czuczor, a native from Andovce, from 1998
Recreational facilities of village:
  • a qualitative grass football playground
  • a multipurpose playground for tennis, basketball, volleyball, field hockey. In the winter it serves as a ice rink.
  • Ponds in the area of village
  • restaurants - pubs with meal
  • shops - foodstuff, domestic equipments, gardening tools, news service, tobacco products.
  • Library
  • ambulatory care centre
  • post office, a branch of the Post bank
This project was realized thanks to financial support of the program Tvoja Zem provided by the Foundation Ekopolis and ETP-S and financed by the United States for International Development together with other private and public donors.

Translation: Hošková

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