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Horný Zemplín


 Attraction highlighting: Cave complex, Barok church of St.Michael Archangel

Village Brekov is a gateway to the district Humenné, it is situated in valley of the Laborec river on the boundary of the Vihorlat and the Ondavská highlands under an antigue castle with the same name, 7km to the southwest of the district.

The first written mention is from the year 1248. History and life of village was connected with history of the castle.

Many years ago a rich and lofty lord OKUR reigned over area, where is located village Brekov of present-day and the rests of its castle. Okur met a nice girl Barkó during his walking, who was falling in love with and got married to her. In front of an old cottage, which came this poor girl Barkó from, Okur built a lofty castle, named it Barkó and donated it to his wife.


Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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The castle rests exist to this time and look into the waters of the Laborec as an eyewitness of old fame and as a proof of this story.

Natural scenery will fascinate every visiter. In area of Rejkovo, Viničná rock and Klokočiny is situated a protected cave area with the Small and the Great Artajama and the Brekov cave.

In historical annals it is said, that it is a great cave complex probably existing under watercourse of the Laborec to Jasenov castle.


In a legend of cave there is written about rescueing life of the Hungarian king Béla IV. in the battle against the Tartars.
To the sight belong many wine cellars from the year 1801. According to historians the king Matej and Ján Sobielski drank this wine.

Coat-of-arms comes out from historical seal - in silver field of shield on a green meadow there is a green tree (poplar) and there is sitting a bird (raven). According to colours used on the coat-of-arms was created flag of the village where are these colours: black, white, green and white.

After World War II. life of people changed and also character of the village.
Brekov of this day is a modern village with all a man needs for his life in the countryside.
In the village there are 341 numbers of houses where live 1274 inhabitants. Brekov is a village where are some assumptions for development of tourism.

In the village there is a restorated Baroque Church of St Michael Archangel with original picture on the main altar.

At the entrance to the village on the right side of way to Humenné stands the Chapel of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows.
Position of the village with its nature beauties and historical monuments like castle, cave area, surroundings of the Laborec, Okur, vineyards, local infrastructure and other, represent many assumptions for development of agrotourism.

Translation: Hošková

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