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Dolné Vestenice

 Attraction highlighting: the Chapel of Holy Mary

The village of Dolné Vestenice is situated in the District of Prievidza which is a part of the Trenčín region. It is one of the biggest villages of this region as there are about 2697 inhabitants living in the village. Located in the narrow valley of the Nitrica river, the total cadastral area of Dolné Vestenice is 13 836 square metres. The village is situated 224 metres above sea level.

Surrounded by the local hills known as Strážovské vrchy and Drienovský vrch, there are numerous unique and protected plants growing in and around this village. About 37 species of birds were spotted in the area and various sorts of game including dears, boars, moufflons and roes live wild in the local woods.

Dolné Vestenice

The earliest written reference of the village dates from 1349 however some historical documents indicated that the village was established in the late 11th century. The golden era of the village dates to 17th century when Dolné Vestenice became an important administrative and economic center of the region. The local inhabitants have always been occupied with fruit growing, farming, agricultural activities and working for the local rubber factory known as Vegum, joint stock company. This factory still exists in the village, employing more that 1700 people from the region and co - operating with several foreign investors and buyers.

The village has been developed rapidly over the past decades. It has changed from a sleepy Slovak village into modern village with good general infrastructure. New gas and water pipes as well as sewage system were put down; the local primary school was extended; the new school gym should be completed in the next couple of months and the new rehabilitation and recreational center is going to be open in the foreseeable future. These projects still require plenty of work, investments and financial participation, so all investors are welcome to discuss further development.

Sporting activities and cultural events have always played a crucial role in the village life. The local football team, currently playing in the 3rd western division, relies heavily on the support of local fans. The local school also supports young pupils who are keen on football and other sports and focus on their sporting interests during PE lessons.

The surrounding of the village is an ideal place for mountain biking, walking and hunting. The most popular destinations for walkers are local hills called Strážovské vrchy, Uhrovec, Jankov vŕšok, Rokoš and the valley known as Rudnianska dolina. There is also a chapel known as the Chapel of Holy Mary (Kaplnka Panny Márie) in the village, which was built in the late 18th century (1789). The stone cross which is situated in front of the local church date from 1789. The village facilities include several pubs, restaurants and shops.

Translation: Bendíková

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