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 Attraction highlighting: Gothic-renaissance castle, Soos-Géczy castle, Wooden church

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The parish Hronsek lies between the towns Zvolen and Banská Bystrica along the banks of the river Hron. Its attitudes is 310 m a.s.l. First historical reports of Hronsek go back to the year 1250.


The oldest historical building was built in 1576, it is a gothic-renaissance castle and its fortifications, water moat, strong protective wall and four turrets were specially build in defence of the Turkish invaders.
During Rákoczy rebellion coins were minted here. Juliana Korponay-Géczy (The White Lady of Levoča), the daughter of Zigmond Géczy , mentioned in Mór Jókai´s roman lived there.

In 1775 another castle Soos-Géczy was built nearby in baroque style with four imposing corner turrets. The front facade has rococo details. Its interior has interesting Prussian vaults. In the garden surrounding the castle stands a two hundred year old lime-tree. It is 25 m tall and at 1 m height is 500 cm circumference. It is known as the most beautiful species in the Middle Hron Region.

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wooden articular evangelical church

However, the articular wooden church is also a rare historical jewel as well as its separate wooden belfry. The history of the church itself reflects back to the period of strong catholic influence prevailing and its pressure against the Protestant religion. Only, when Count Imrich Tökoly from Kežmarok came onto the scene, with the support of the common people the Turkish invaders and French court rose up against the Austrian Emperor Leopold I. They forced him to call the Šopron Council in 1681 and to reconsider the Vienna Peace Treaty which was confirmed in 1606 regarding the freedom of the Protestant religion. Thus, permission was granted for two churches to be built in every district (in Zvolen region-Ostrá Lúka and Hronsek).

For example Articles 25 laid down the following conditions:
  • Construction had to be completed within one year
  • To be built exclusively from wood without iron nails
  • No steeple was allowed
  • No direct access from the road allowed
The construction of the wooden church commenced on 23rd October 1725 and consecrated on the 31st October 1726 on Martin Luther´s reformation anniversary. The nave has the form of a cross and is 8 m high, 26 m in length and 11 m wide. There are 30 windows. Vaults are barrel shaped, ionic columns are made from oak with decorative carving. Spruce and larch is used for other parts of the interior. The lower edge of the gallery has carved ornamentation, with the typical Slavism symbol - limeleaves.

The church has 1100 seats arranged amphitheatricaly. In 1754, Master Martin Podkonický from Banská Bystrica constricted the splendid organ (positive - without pedals). The separate belfry was built at the same time as the church, it has three bells. In front of the church stand four old time lime-trees, two of them are the same age as the church itself.

wooden belfry
wooden belfry

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