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Actual position Town Levoča
 Attraction highlighting:  The Altar of Master Pavol from Levoca
Levoča-St. Jacob`s Temple
St. Jacob`s Temple
Levoca is located in the northwestern part of eastern Slovakia, in the region Spiš, at the southern foot Levoca mountains at an altitude of 573 m. The oldest findings made in the city are from the 9th century. The first written mention of Levoca dates from the 1249th
The city has preserved many historical sites such as: St.. James Hall, the evangelical church, the medieval pillory - cage of shame and more than 60 town houses coming mostly from the 14th - 15 century, forming the Master Paul's Square. The square has preserved its medieval form of a rectangle with sides in the ratio 3:1 and one of the largest square of this type in Europe. Along with well-preserved Renaissance houses shows the wealth of the city in middleage. Most interesting preserved burgher houses in the square are Thurzo House, House Master Paul, Mariássy house Spillenber s house Krupek´s house, theater, Large and Small County House and others.
Around the city is almost completely preserved castle system in which of the 15 bastions and towers have been preserved six of the three gates: Kosice, Poland and Menhardská. The historic center of town was in 1950 declared an urban conservation area. Since 2009 Levoča and the work of Master Paul's UNESCO World Heritage Site.
On the north side of the square is St.. James - three-nave church with a huge Gothic sanctuary and cross vaults. Usually the original eleven sites have been preserved Gothic and Renaissance wing altars of the local provenance. Most important works in the temple inside the main altar, made in the workshop of Master Pavol of Levoca in the early 16th century. With its height of 18.62 meters is the highest gothic altar in the world. It is a national cultural monument.
Levoča-The Town Hall
The Town Hall
Levoca´s Hall dates from the 15th century. It was destroyed by fire in the middle and the end of the 16th century. In 1615 it expanded and added southern part of the arcade and the arcade on the ground floor and first floor. The facade between the windows are placed on the floor murals, which are symbols of civic virtues: temperance, prudence, courage, patience and justice. The town hall is connected to the Renaissance Tower, which served as a belfry. The upstairs hall has its exposure Spišské (Spis) museum. Conference Hall serves the city of entertainment.
In the southern part of the square is the Lutheran church built in the shape of a Greek cross with a huge dome, in the classical style. Inside are preserved precious cultural relics.
The impressive surroundings of historic landmarks, on the west side of the square is the building of the Municipal Theatre. Reconstruction of the building, but most returned to the theater hall, a chamber version of the mid-19th century. In this cultural and social complex located conference hall, a theater, two exchange room, blue lounge. Civic Theatre offers a wide variety of theatrical performances, cultural events, but also the possibility to organize conferences, seminars, workshops and various social gatherings. Congress Hall has a capacity of 200 persons and is used abundantly in various conferences, symposia, and other social events.
On a steep hill north of town called Marian Hill, the Gothic church off the Visitation, which is held annually on pilgrimages for centuries. The original chapel built in the 13th century has been repeatedly repaired and expanded. In the years 1906-1914 was for pilgrims built a new church with neo-Gothic altar, which dominates the late Gothic sculpture of the Virgin Mary, created in the 15th century. In 1995 he visited Mount Mariana Pope John Paul II.
Levoča-Congress hall
Congress hall
Suitable location and climatic conditions allow the city interested in winter sports enjoy downhill and cross-country skiing at nearby ski area with snow in Levoča Valley Fault and the city district where, thanks to a convenient location center retains snow until late spring.
Levoča along with other cities in the tourist region Spiš and Gemer included cognitive route "Gothic Route" with a length of 267 km. Gothic route gives the opportunity to see many rare historical monuments, especially the Gothic monuments, beautiful nature and also provides accommodation and leisure


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Levoča-Congress hall
Congress hall
Levoča-Town Theatre
Town Theatre
Levoča-Town Theatre
Town Theatre

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