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Actual position Town Pezinok
 Attraction highlighting:  Gallery of the Insit Art

Pezinok is located at the foot of the Little Carpathian Range, only 20 kilometres away from Bratislava. From the year 1996, Pezinok became a district town and is considered to be the nature centre of the Little Carpathian Region. With a population of over 21,000, it is regarded as an important centre of wine - growing and building production. At the present time, the businesses and services play an important role among the local entrepreneurs of the town.
The first written reference about Pezinok comes from the year of 1208. In 1647, Pezinok was awarded the privileges of an independent royal town by king Ferdinand III. The vineyards were already grounded in the Pezinok area in the 2nd half of the 13th century, and during the times between the 14th and 19th century, gold was also being mined here. Several historical monuments are preserved here in Pezinok to prove it´s history, such as the first of all castle with its beautiful historical halls, large cellars with exquisitely made barrels and a park with an area of 5 ha, also, there are 7 churches (two of them are from the 14th century), the remains of the town´s wall and the centre of the town with its typical bourgeois houses and streets forming a regular network of ground plan.
Places of Interest
From the tourism viewpoint, the most interesting and most visited place in Pezinok belongs to the Little Carpathians Museum (with the exposition of the town´s history, the town´s administrational and judicial system, handcrafts and guild, ethnography, wine-growing) and the Gallery of the Insit Art (first and only one in Slovakia) residing in the reconstructed water mill from the 18th century.
Specifically for Pezinok and the entire area of the Little Carpathian Region is the project of the "Little Carpathian Wine Road", based on the natural conditions of the area with hundreds of years of wine growing and wine producing traditions. This is all paid for the so called "wine tourism", its basis is represented by small cellars and facilities for wine tasting, tasteful local cuisine and traditional wine growers events: every other year in September, the festival of picking the grapes "Vinobranie", takes place in Pezinok, every year in April, there is the wine fair and in November there is the "St. Martin blessing of the young wine".
Pezinok is known by its traditionally rich cultural life. Regularly, many events of the importance take place in Pezinok, such as the international drama festival "Cibulak", the international festival of cathedral music "Ada Una Corda", the international display of stage formations "Pejavo", performed by mentally handicapped youths, also in October it is the "Month of Photography" and others.
The surroundings of Pezinok offer visitors a network of marked hiking trails suitable for leisurely hiking in the protected country side area of the Little Carpathian Region. In the winter season the "Baba" centre offers skiing facilities (downhill and cross country) and the possibilities of sledding. The surface can be covered by artificial snow if necessary.
For closer information about accommodation, catering facilities, current social, cultural and sporting events, as well as the service for visitors are available in the Information Center in Pezinok at:
Radnicne namestie, 9
Phone No.: 00421 33 6412963.


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