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Hainburg a. d. Donau

Actual position Village Hainburg a. d. Donau
 Attraction highlighting:  Ruins of the fortress Hainburg
Hainburg a. d. Donau-

nformation for visitors (April – October): Information Office for visitors, also for National Park, Ungarstrasse 3, Phone: 02165/62111-23, the library Haydn, Ungarstrasse 3, Phone: 02165/62111-22 or the Municipality Council (1. floor)
Chairman of the viniculture: Stephanie RIEDMÜLLER, Klosterpl. 4, Phone: 02165/64740
Secretariat of the Municipality Council: Ewald BERGMANN
Contact person for tourist opportunities: manager for tourism BR. Michaela Gansterer, Donaulände 27,
Phone: 02165/64810
Local band: bandmaster Mag. Hans Peter Hahn, the Municipality Council, the upper mayor Franz Hirschl, Hauergasse 29
Altitude: 165 m, Number of citizens: 5,651, Capacity of beds: 63
This old romantic small town on the borders is hidden among the hills Braunsberg, Schloßberg and Hundsheimer, on the right bank of Danube. The massive fortress from the times of Babenbergers offers a beautiful view to the National Park Water Forests of Danube. The young king of Moravia Přemysl Otakar married Babenberger duchess Margarita from Austria in its chapel in 1252.
Medieval town Hainburg is the point of departure to the last water forest in Europe. The original grapevine grows here for 2000 years. Neat taverns and cozy wine bars invite you to sit down for a while. The main points of wide offers of culture and nature are: games in the fortress, historical marketplace, concerts Haydn-Gesellschaft from Hainburg, walks in the water forest with interpretation, tours through the town with the guide.
General Facilities:
Bus connection, train connection (city train S 7, the transport of bikes available), hospital, doctor, dentist, vet, pharmacy, drug store, the seat of the Regional Police Department, car repair service, gas station, taxi, post office, bank, ATM machine.
Sights in the municipality:
Town Fortification:
This historical sight is famous in whole Europe and comes probably from first half of 13th Century. It has many towers and gates. It is the most monumental and the best-preserved fortification in the middle Europe from the times of its construction.
Town Wall:
It is high somewhere up to 12 meters and 2.2 meters wide, pulled down and rebuilt in significant dimension in NW side – except of it very good preserved.
Town Gates:
Hainburg a. d. Donau-

Viennese Gate – the most important Austrian town gate from 13th Century (1230/40). There are two sculptures of knights as guards of the gate, created round 1270 – 90. On the direction Nord-West there is a mythic creature. The upper floor is used now as the museum (Regional Museum, Museum of Tobacco, pre-historic collection, the Museum of Carpathian Germans). It is open May - October on Friday and Sunday 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 5pm. For another time reservation needed (on the Municipality Council).
Hungarian Gate – it had two important construction phases (1230/40 and 1270/90). On the facade of the tower there is a mystic feature.
Gate Fichertor – it is a 4-floor gate tower, built in the second half of 13th Century, construction changes in 15th and 16th Century.
Ruins of the fortress Hainburg:
It is a dominant and at distance visible medieval complex. It was probably transferred from Deutsch-Altenburg to the hill Schlossberg in 1050. The duke Leopold VI. was the owner round the year 1200. From 1252 it used to be a residence of Duchess Theodora. From 1243 till 1248 Friedrich II used to live here and later his sister Margaretha used it. She married here Přemysl Otakar II in 1252 (the chapel of St. Pankrac).
Original town courts:
Range (sport) „Haus der Theodora“ (Babenbergerstr. 1, 13th Century); court Meierhof (Babenbergerstr. 29, from 1369); court Götzenhof „Wasserkaserne“ (Oppitzg. 11, from 1411), court „Kreushof“ (Klosterplatz 6, 1396); Old Beer Pub „Hundsheimerhof“ (Ungarstr. 26, originally from 14th Century, from 1544 a beer pub).
Sacral buildings:
Parish church of St. Fillip and Jacob (1236 the chapel of St. Jacob and Catherine originally; round the year 1400 enlarged, round the year 1700 re-built under Matthius Gerl).
Chapel of St. Ulrich (original chapel for the hospital, comes from 1383) by Ulrichsheim.
Cemetery chapel of St. Rochus and Sebastian (plague chapel originally, from 1679).
Original sacral buildings:
The Roman cemetery chapel was built in the first quarter of 13th Century. It has two floors. The first was used as charnel house and the second as altar room for requiem masses.
Sanctified column (15th Century) – situated in the area of parish church of St. Martin (Alte Poststr. 24; church was disassembled and used again for the construction of vicarage, town church and steeple). Original synagogue (inside the yard, Wienerstr. 9, 14th Century), original monastery (Fabriksplatz 1, 1278/98). The surroundings of tobacco factory 1723, 1784 the main building of the factory, from 2002 the seat of Lower-Austrian Regional Museum.
Original Franciscan Monastery (Klosterplatz 6, originally the area of the court „Kreushofes“, today’s paper storeroom for the tobacco factory).
On the square there is the Column of St. Mary (one of the most beautiful columns in Austria, founded in 1749 by Martin Vögerl), well of Haydn and the statue of St. Johaness Nepomuk.
Lots of old bourgeois houses, columns and small memorials are situated here.
Ruins of the castle Röthelstein (1170/80), approximately 2 kilometers eastward from the town, are situated on the dominant lime rocks above the river Danube.
From the hill Braunsberg you can have a beautiful view to the National Park, then to the town Hainburg, Bratislava and part of Slovakia. Here an important Celtic settlement used to be, in 2nd Century BC. The center of Celts used to be in Bratislava.
The remains from this settlement are on this hill and they became protected as an archaeological sight. Some of the finds and the documents are in Viennese Tower in the museum and you can see them in the exhibition „Archaeology in Hainburg“.
Sport activities and possibilities for your spare time:
Swimming pool (Bergbad), golf, solarium (Sonnenstudio), minigolf in Bergbad, skittles, water sports (rowing), 5 tennis courts, range (asphalt, ice), skating, range with the cellar, fishing, airplane modeling – hill Braunsberg, collecting the herbs, walks, outings with the guide, cycling.
Castle games in Hainburg on the hill Schlossberg; concerts of "Haydn-Gesellschaft", music school. Town Library open: Tuesday 11.30am – 3pm, Thursday 6pm – 7pm, Friday 10am – 1pm.
Tavern "Zum Goldenen Anker", Donaulände 27, Phone: 02165/64810, e-mail: – Homepage:
"Waldgasthaus", Family Toth, Burgenlandstraße 85, Phone: 02165/62549
Guest House „Schloßblick“, Siedlerstraße 20, Phone: 0676/9454060 or 02165/62549
Hainburg a. d. Donau-

Family Szlavik, Pächter Zsolt Nemeth, Preßburger Reichstraße 72, Phone: 02165/64840
Private – family Schweiger, Hollitzer Allee 28, Phone: 02165/64316
Private - Ingrid Obleser, Schönwieserstraße 15, Phone: 02165/67236
Private – family Putz, Schanzstrasse 6, Phone: 02165/63956
Private – family Richter, Schanzstrasse 9, Phone: 02165/65227
Restaurants and taverns:
Tavern "Zum Goldenen Anker", Donaulände 27, Phone: 02165/64810
Restaurant "Zum Fasan", Arnold Kraker, Hauergasse 23, Phone: 02165/62182
Restaurant „Zum lustigen Hauer“, Johann Dorn, Alte Poststraße 36, Phone: 02165/63177
Restaurant und Pizzeria Szlavik, Preßburger Reichstraße 72, Phone: 02165/64840
Sylvan Restaurant Attila Toth, Burgenlandstraße 85, Phone: 02165/62549
Restaurant "Waldschenke", W.u.K. Csincsics, Thebnerstraße 875, Phone: 02165/64165
Restaurant Alois a Marianne Bredl, Babenbergerstraße 31, Phone: 02165/62402
Restaurant "Haydnstüberl", Dieter Lehner, Klosterplatz 2, Phone: 02165/63847
Chinese Restaurant XU Lisheng GesmbH., Preßburger Reichsstraße 3, Phone: 02165/64512
Restaurant, Bakery, Patisserie Naglreiter, Landstraße 86-88, Phone: 02165/62188
Restaurant „Eitler“, family Eitler, Ungarstraße 16, Phone: 02165/62152
Gallery-Café-Restaurant „Vika“-„Fred and Fred“, Wienerstrasse 21, Phone: 02165/64950
Golf Restaurant Hainburg, Thebnerstraße – Auf der Heide, Phone: +43 2165/64777
Café / Patisserie:
Café Landman, Ungarstraße 26, Phone: 02165/67775
Town Café, Inh. Fam. Ingo Vogl, Hauptplatz 19, Phone: 02165/62317
Ice Cream-Pizzeria Daniel, Hauptplatz 10, Phone: 02165/64352
„Donau-Café“, bei der Schiffanlegestelle, Donaulände 2
S’Café Eckerl, Hauptplatz 8, Phone: +43 2165/62433
Bars / Night clubs / Disco:
CPT „Rainer’s“ Café-Bar, Ungarstraße
„Braunsberg-Beisl“, Braunsbergstraße 1, Phone: 02165/66713
Wine Bars / Wine Cellars:
Fabsich Johann Jr. and Fabsich Erika, Obere Berggasse 9, Phone: 02165/64634
Gumprecht Gerhard, Alte Poststraße 7, Phone: 02165/62423
Hubicek Rosemarie and Karl, Alte Poststraße 48, Phone: 02165/64978
Pinkl Johann, Hauptplatz 4, Phone: 02165/62632


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Hainburg a. d. Donau-
Hainburg a. d. Donau-
Hainburg a. d. Donau-
Hainburg a. d. Donau-
Hainburg a. d. Donau-
Hainburg a. d. Donau-
Hainburg a. d. Donau-

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