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Actual position Village Berg

Chairman of the viniculture: Horst Pelzmann, Hauptstraße 27, Phone: 02143/2588
Secretariat of the Municipality Council: Erich Weintritt, Municipality Council
Contact person for tourist opportunities: the Municipality Council of Berg
Altitude: 154 m, Number of citizens: 674
First mention about the municipality comes from 862 as „Pagus ad Pergo“. It is small nice village interested in agriculture and viniculture. Beautiful woods with romantic paths are situated close to the borders with Slovakia (near Bratislava, also the possibility to pass the borders). The near watchtower is good viewpoint to Hungarian lowland and to „Porto Hungarico“. Cozy wine bars look after your good mood during your visit here. This is the perfect place for trips for all families with children.
Sights of the municipality:
Vicarage church of St. Anne – mentioned for the first time in 1748 as a chapel. This old church on the hill was sacred to the Apostles Peter and Paul. Since the consecration of the new church in the village it is was used by the special occasions only. In 1780 it was pulled down and the tower of St. Anne’s church was built from this material. The church was enlarged in 1863 and the crucifix from Pottenburg was installed inside. The altar is sacred to St. Anne. The vaulting of the church was renovated more times since the World War II.
The Chapel Mariahilfskapelle

It was built outside the village in 1859. Originally it used to be a pilgrimage place and was called also the „Chapel of St. Mary“. Inside there are the sculptures of both Apostles Peter and Paul from the old church.
The Chapel of St. Peter and Paul
It was built on the place of former church on the hill, with the old cemetery.
Pottenburg (the fortress is in cadastre of Wolfsthal)
On the hill between Wolfsthal and Berg there are the ruins of the former fortress Pottenburg. It was built on the order of Adola auf Potinopurch round the years 955-1025. Later there were more owners, f. e. duke from Bohemia, king Ottakar II, Otto von Pottenpurch (1253), knight Ulrich Stuchs von Trautmannsdorf (1256), duke Albert III. (1351), knight Falkenstein zu Mannersdorf (1471). Since 1519 the fort was not settled and later, after raids of Turks, was completely destroyed. The ruins with the defense tower can be found there also this time.
Watchtower called „Kingly Outlook” is 20 m tall (beautiful outlook to the Hungarian lowland)
Memorial of Arne Karlsson – sacred memorial, Swedish crucifix; Arne Karlsson was a worker of humanitarian organization „Rädda Barnen Österreich“, who was shot there down on 11. June 1947 by the Russians.
Memorial plaque Franzosenmarterl – on the crossroad of Hauptstraße and Weinbergstraße as a memory to killed soldiers from France (fallen during the wars in 1806-1809). Later their remains were transferred to France.
The column of St. Mary – plague column – built on the former border of the village and former border of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. It was built probably as a memory to plague epidemic in 1679. It was renovated in 1999.
Memorial plaque to raids of Turks (in 1529 and 1683) – built on the north hillside, on the street Kellergasse as a memory to murdered citizens of Berg.
War memorial – the soldiers, who came from World War I. back home, founded the fellowship and built the memorial right next to the church (in 1921). One of the plaques contents the names of their fallen friends from both World Wars I. and II.
General facilities:

bus connection, doctor, bank, railway station in the distance of 4 km, ATM machine
Sport activities and possibilities for your spare time:
football and basketball playground, tennis courts, cycling, walks, fishing, swimming in the lake, horse carriages
in neighbouring villages Kittsee (2 km) and Wolfsthal (4 km)
Restaurants and taverns:
Café - Restaurant Ferdinand Burkhart, Hauptstraße 23, Phone: 02143/2237
Pizzeria „Al Caponne“, Hauptstraße 1, Phone: 02143/2030
Bars/Night Clubs/Disco:
Disco „C 2“, Ferdinand Burkhart, Hauptstraße 23, Phone: 02143/2237
Wine Bars/Wine Cellars:


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