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Actual position Village Engelhartstetten

Secretariat of the Municipality Council: Elisabeth SKOCEK, Municipality Council
Contact person for tourist opportunities: GGR Georg KLÖCKLER
Altitude: 143 m, Number of citizens: 1812, Number of beds: 38
(Cadastral municipalities: Loimersdorf, Stopfenreuth, Groißenbrunn, Schloßhof, Markthof).
This is a developing village mostly interested in agriculture. It is famous because of the discussion about water power-stations on the river Danube. This is an important ecological question because of special hygrophilous woods nearby Danube, that are specific for its faun and flora (f. e. wood Stopfenreuther). This discussion run on 27th November 1996 and the national park „Danube – Hygrophilous woods“ was founded fortunately. The woods are similar to tropical ones and rare kinds of birds live there. All of the visitors should not miss the visit of famous Baroque castles Schloßhof and Niederweiden.
General facilities:
train connection to Vienna-Südbahnhof-Engelhartstetten, bus connection, doctor (with home pharmacy), car repair service, bank, post office.
Sights in the municipality:

This castle for hunters was built in Baroque style by Johann Bernhard Fischer from Erlach in 1693/94. In 1726 the castle was joined to the property of the prince Eugene together with the castle Schlosshof. Nicolaus Pacassi changed the look of the castle but the ground plan was not altered. Maria Theresia owned the castle since 1755. The paintings in cupola hall were made by Jean Pillement in 1770. In front of the castle there are two buildings (hunter’s kitchen) and on the east side there is a large palace park founded in 1693-1701. The whole complex is under reconstruction this time.
This castle is the jewel of the Moravian field. It was built in 1627 during reign of Friedrich from Prankh. Prince Eugen gained the castle in 1725. Johann Lukas from Hildebrant rebuilt the castle that times and finished it in 1728. Claude Le Fort du Plessy completed the interieur together with two plasterers Santino Bussi and Albert Camesin. The baroque garden was composed according to the concept of Dominik Girardo. The castle was owned by Anna Victoria, the princess of Savoy and the niece of prince Eugene, during the years 1736-55. Later it was in the possession of Maria Theresia. During the years 1773-75 it was re-built again to the shape we can see today by Franz Anton Hillebrand. From 1898 there is the horse-riding school together with the Equestrian Institute. The large complex has been reconstructed continuously because of the high costs and is not so magnificient as it used to be. Original is now just the baroque castle chapel with wall-paintings made by Carl Carlony and altar painting made by Francesco Solimen. Most of the plastering comes from the times of Maria Theresia.
On the north of the castle there is the central yard for horses built during the years 1726-30 according to the plans of Johann Lukas from Hildebrandt (called Schafflerhof, originally for sheep)
Information about both castles:
Marchfelder Schlösser-Revitalisierungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft (Organization for revitalization of Moravian field‘s castles) , A-2294 Schloßhof, Schloß 1,
Phone: 02285/20000
Groissenbrunn: church of St. Ägydius, built in Baroque style in 1751 by Mattias Gerl and finished by Josef Gerl in 1763. In the middle of the municipality there are three ponds (originally reservoirs for water games in the castle Schloßhof).
Markthof: vicarage church of St. George. Originally it is guard-tower of medieval fort with the core built in the Baroque style. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1766. Memorial chapel of St. Florian was built on the occasion of completing of Hubert‘s dam on the river of Moravia in 1904/5.
Sport activities and possibilities for your spare time:
Tennis coutrs in Engelhartstetten, hiking, cycling.
Private Ilse Ornauer, Engelhartstetten, Untere Hauptstrasse 5, Phone: 02214/2468
Tavern Otmar Weber, Loimersdorf, Ortsstrasse 61, Phone: 02214/2252
Private - Franz Pekarek, A-2292 Loimersdorf, Ortsstrasse 58, Phone: 02214/2286
Tavern „Prinz Eugen“, 2294 Schloßhof 60, Phone: 02285/6350
Restaurants and taverns:
Tavern Otmar Weber, 2292 Loimersdorf, Ortsstrasse 61, Phone: 02214/2252
Tavern Otmar Weber, 2292 Engelhartstetten, Untere Hauptstrasse 29, Phone: 02214/2378
Wine Bar "Forsthaus Stopfenreuth" with the center for information about water woods of the river Danube, 2292 Stopfenreuth, Uferstrasse 1, Phone: 02214/2232
Tavern „Prinz Eugen“, 2294 Schloßhof 60, Phone: 02285/ 6350
Tavern „Zur Marie“, 2292 Stopfenreuth, Försterstrasse 7, Phone: 02214/20018

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