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Actual position Village Kittsee

Altitude: 136 m, Number of citizens: 1961, Capacity of beds: ?
Kittsee is famous thanks many cultivars of apricots. The climate and suitable soil add them specific aroma. People from whole Austria go regularly to Kittsee just because they want to buy these apricots. The viniculture is developed here too; sandy and gritty soil are suitable especially for white cultivars of vine.
Sights of the village:
The castle Altes Schloss (Old Castle - private owned – not open for visitors). This originally fort comes from 12th Century and was built in the middle of the lake (on the old creek of river Danube). It has three floors, four wings and square courtyard. It was built probably by one of the last Arpads as fortifying borderline against Austria. More of the remainders from 16th and 17th Century survived – serpentine staircase with the bearing on the courtyard and the octagonal tower. Behind the castle there is well-preserved Jewish cemetery.
The castle Neues Schloss (New Castle)
Johann Listy had it built from former manor in 1668. Renaissance building was rebuilt to Baroque style during the life of price Esterházy (1730-1740). Later the family of Batthyány-Strattmanns had it in their possession. The castle was completely reconstructed after it came under the municipality possession. Its blocked arcades of honorable yard have been declassified. The ethnographic museum was opened here in 1973 and it contains wide collection of folk-culture artifacts from East and South Europe. The main entrance to the castle park with the iron lattice was used during the world exhibition in Paris in 1900 as a decoration of Austrian-French pavilion.

The Blue Cross (Blaue Kreuz)
This slim column with smooth surface and richly decorated capital and the Pieta is located near the route on the direction Bratislava. On its footstall there is the bearing of count Batthyány from 1752. In 1948 the column was renovated.
The Column of St. Trinity
This plague column comes from 1727 and is built on the grass. It is decorated with the statues of St. Rochus and Sebastian. The front side is decorated with the relief of Madonna and St. Trinity. It was completely reconstructed during the years 1998-99.
The Tower Heidenturm
This tower is a remain of the church Michaelskirche, that used to be a medieval settlement called Lern, and as only one relic survived from the times of Turks raids in 1529.
The Presbyter church „zur Kreuzerhöhung“
Kittsee seems to be an old parish. In the middle of the community there was a Romanesque church built before 1250. The old church of St. Pankracius was completely destroyed during the Turks raids in 1529. In spite of this it was built again in 1548. The building of the new church began during the years of 1735-36. It burnt down completely in 1795. The church built in 1808 blew up during the World War II. Because of these facts the new church was built during the years of 1948-52. This tall three-nave church with built-in west tower was built in the style of basilica. The main altar is decorated with the Baroque sculpture of Crucified made from wood (it comes from 18th Century).

The Column of the Immaculate Conception
In the middle of the community there was built the column of standing Immaculate (from 18th Century).
General facilities:
Banks Burgenland, Sparkasse Kittsee-Hainburg-Neusiedl, Raiffeisenbank, post office Kittsee.


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