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Actual position Village Marchegg

Secretariat of the Municipality Council (Phone/Fax): Alexander REDL, Hauptplatz 30, A-2293 Marchegg, Phone: 02285/ 7100-14
Contact person for tourist opportunities: VzBgmst. Gerhard MAYWALD.
Altitude: 141 m, Number of citizens: 3623 , Capacity of beds: 18
(Cadastral Municipalities: Breitensee)
The town Marchegg is situated very close to Vienna (approximately 1 hour by car). It was founded by the king Přemysl Otakar in 1268. The great number of the sights reveals the history of the town. On the borders there are the nature reservations World-Wildlife: "Moravian Water Forests“ and „Kleiner Breitensee". They are suitable for family trips.
First mention about the fortress in Marchegg comes from 1344. The fortress was rebuilt to the castle later and today it is the seat of Regional Museum, together with Hunting and African Museum. The Museums are open from 15. March to the end of November, daily except Mondays 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm.
The Cloister of the Queen Mary of the guild of St. Johannes. This guild of believers was founded in Switzerland in 1975. They were invited by Viennese archbishop in 1994 and they founded a cloister here. Their activities and the number of guests were the reason of planning of new cloister. This was consecrated on 2. September 2001 and the new church was sacred to Protestant Johannes.

Parish Church of St. Margaretha – medieval church in Marchegg, rebuilt in 18th and 19th Century. During the excavation the remains of stone chapel were founded here, but no historical documents have mentioned it.
Filial Church – in this church situated close to the station you can see the Crucifix of Pallfy. It comes from garden chapel of the count Pallfy (from that is derived the name). It was made by the sculpturer Jörg Petel in 1631.
Town Ramparts – 8 meters high, around the town Marchegg.
Hungarian Gate (Ungartor), Viennese Gate (Wienertor) – the only entrances to the town, originally the guard towers too.
Dusty Gate (Pulverturm) – Moravian Bridge.
WWF- nature reservation "Moravian Water Forests " and the lake "Kleiner Breitensee", the biggest settlement of storks in the middle Europe, with their nests in the trees.
General facilities:
Bus connection, train connection from/to Vienna (possibility of bike transport), the seat of District Police Department, doctor, pharmacy, dentist, ambulance of Red Cross, car repair service, post office, bank.
Sport and possibilities for your spare time:
Tennis courts (Marchegg and Breitensee), horse riding (Gut Markhof, Breitensee and Marchegg-Bahnhof), fishing, hunting, range, library.
Tavern „Marcheck“, Helmut Kurz KEG, Hauptplatz 5, Phone/Fax: 02285/8556
"Islandhof Marchegg", family Loidl, "Urlaub am Bauernhof", Marchegg-Bahnhof, Am Berg 1, Phone: 02285/6786

Restaurants and taverns:
Chinese Restaurant "Mandarin", Marchegg, Bahnstraße 4, Phone: 02285/6797
Station Restaurant "Krupan", Am Bahnhof 8, Phone: 02285/6143
Restaurant „March-Eck“, Helmut Kurz KEG, Hauptplatz 5, Phone+Fax: 02285/8556
Café / Patisserie:
Café "Waldrauch", Marchegg, Hauptplatz 34, Phone: 02285/7199
Café "Waldrauch", Breitensee Nr. 192, Phone: 02285/6196
Café „Bernstein“, Marchegg, Sepp Kast-Gasse 1, Phone: 0699/11 50 45 77
Café CHRISTIAN, family Masarik, 2294 Marchegg, Bahnstraße 66, 02285/64490
Castle Snack Bar, Robert Maywald, 2293 Marchegg, Im Schloss, 0664/3585716
Wine Bars / Wine Cellars:
Falmbigl´s Grillheuriger, Marchegg, Am Meisterberg 12, Phone: 02285/6145


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