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Actual position Village Rohrau

Chairman of the viniculture: Timm Christof, Dorfstr. 3, A-2471 Pachfurth, Phone: 02164/ 2573; Josef Pöllmann, Obere Hauptstr. 22, A-2471 Hollern, Phone: 02164/ 2401
Secretariat of the Municipality Council (Phone/Fax): Josef RÖSSLER
Contact person for tourist opportunities:
Altitude: 152 m, Number of citizens: 1455.
(Cadastral municipalities: Hollern, Gerhaus, Pachfurth, Rohrau)
It is a nice, friendly village, situated approximately 40 kilometers from Vienna between the municipalities Bruck/Leitha and Hainburg/Donau. In historical books there you can find a name „Rorawe“ (meaning „cane“ and „water forest“), which represents the first written mention about the municipality. In 1240 this place was for the first time mentioned as the marketplace. This municipality established a partnership with another municipality, Gärtringen-Rohrau in Württemberg, in 1976.
Rohrau is a native town of both famous componists Josef and Michael Haydn. Their house is year round open for public except Mondays. From vineyards of the municipality delicious wines are produced – processed and sold in neighbouring municipalities Pachfurth, Gerhaus and Hollern.
General facilities:
Bus stop Hainburg-Bruck, doctor, pharmacy, vet in Pachfurth.
Sights in the municipality:

Natal home of Josef and Michael Haydn
Josef Haydn was born here in 1732. In 1740 he started as 8-years old boy to attend a choir Sängerknaben in St. Stephan in Vienna. At the age of 10 he wrote a small service. In 1761 he joined the service of prince Esterházy in Eisenstadt. Here he stayed there next 30 years. Big success he had also during his concerts in London. Later he wrote next important musical works: „Creation“, „Four Seasons“. On 21. May 1809 he died in Vienna. He left here more than 1000 musical works.
Open: year-round except Mondays, 10am – 5pm. Information: 02164/2268.
Castle Harrach:
It used to be a castle with water moat (12th/13th Century) and fortress against the Hungarians. Andreas Zach re-built it during the years 1776-77 to the shape we can see today. The widest private collection of paintings in Austria is placed here. The collection is made up by Spain, Neapolitan and Roman paintings from 17th and 18th Century. Flemish, Dutch and French authors complement the collection. Since 1266 the castle has been called Harrach and it is in the possession of family of Harrachs since 1524. It has current appearance since 1776. Gallery opening hours: April – October, daily except Mondays 10am – 5 pm. Information: 02164/2253.
Parish church of St. Vít, the Romanesque core, in 17th Century re-built to Baroque style; in the gallery Gothic monistic vaulting with the stanchions from the second half of 14th Century, later the Baroque nave and the west tower were added on. The gate has the house number 1776. The church was sacred in 1805. The main altar comes from the half of 18th Century.
Haydn’s Memorial, established in 1794 under the reign of count Karl Leonhard Harrach ; in 1951 moved from the palace park on the Square of Joseph Haydn.
Pillory in the front of the Municipality Council in Rohrau.
War Memorial to the fallen in World War II. in Rohrau.
In the water forests of the Danube nearby the river Leitha there is one Gerichtstein (the Stone of Annunciation) remained in Lower Austria. It is a stone cube 78x78x78 cm, which tips point to the North, South, West and East.
Parish Church Pachfurth, built in 1722, sacred to St. Rochus and St. Rosalie (extended in 1784). The main altar is made from oak wood and is built in neo-Gothic style.
Plague Chapel in Pachfurth – next to the original tavern Luloch, the plague chapel was built in 1693. It is a Baroque building with oval ground plan and statues of St. Catherine, St. Veronique and St. Margaretha. During the years 1935 – 1972 the chapel used to be the part of the bearing of the municipality, which was painted by Oskar Matulla.

The Chapel with Marianic altar and memorable plaque with the pieta.
Statue of St. Johannes from Nepomuk in the municipality of Gerhaus.
Parish Church of St. Helena (18th Century), built before 1429.
The Chapel and the memorable plaque to the World War in the municipality of Hollern.
Guest House „Waldrausch“, Gerhaus, Dorfstrasse 4, Phone: 0699/88456344
Restaurant and taverns:
Restaurant "Schloßtaverne", Family Zengerer, Rohrau, Schloß 1, Phone: 02164/2487
Tavern, family Speckl, Rohrau, Obere Hauptstraße 4, Phone: 02164/2227
Tavern, family Palme, „Josefsbräu“, Rohrau, Obere Hauptstraße 27, Phone: 02164/2707
Wine Bars / Wine Cellars:
Family Fischer, Pachfurth, Dorfstraße 52, Phone: 02164/ 2669
Family Mayer Johanna, 2471 Pachfurth, Remisenweg 9, Phone: 02164/2389
Family Timm, Pachfurth, Dorfstraße 3, Phone: 02164/2573


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