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Actual position Village Scharndorf

Chairman of the viniculture: WIESBÖCK Josef jr., A-2403 Wildungsmauer, Wiesengasse 7, Phone: 02163/3360
Secretariat of Municipality Council: Leopold ZWICKELSTORFER, A-2403 Scharndorf, Am Wiesenweg 7
Altitude: 187 m, Number of citizens: 1 046.

Cadastral municipalities:
A-2403 Wildungsmauer, Altitude: 183 m.
A-2403 Regelsbrunn: Altitude: 181 m.
This little friendly village is interested mostly in agriculture and growing vine. It is situated nearby the road B9 on the boarder of Arbesthaller highlands. Its cozy wine bars invite for a glass of wine. Romantic paths are perfect especially for family trips (f. e. in forests of Danube near Wildungsmauer or Regelsbrunn).
Scharndorf has won already twice (in 1989 and 1994) the competition „Lower Austria in flower decoration“ (the most beautiful place in Lower Austria).

Sights in the village:
Vicarage church of St. Margaret with west Gothic tower (defense tower), probably built as one block in 14th Century.
Vicarage church of St. Jacob, rebuilt from granary (end of 17th Century); tavern Hainburger Str. 1, originally post office (16th Century), Hainburger Str. 3 (rebuilt round 1770/80) from original farm building with barns and stables (1655).
Subsidiary church of St. Nicholas; originally castle chapel built on the base of Roman chapel (near the church original residence of the lord of Wildungsmauer), rebuilt to the Romanesque hall church round the year 1200.
Sport activities and possibilities for your spare time:
Fishing, skating, water sports (rowing) on the river Danube, walks, cycling.
Bike rentals:
Raser-Jahner, A-2403 Wildungsmauer, Donaustrasse 23, Phone: 02163/2326, 7 bikes, 1 tandem; rentals daily from 8 am to 8 pm.
Bike service:
Gas station ÖMV, route B9 in Wildungsmauer, Untere Carnuntumstrasse 6.
General facilities:

Scharndorf: bus connection.
Wildungsmauer: bus and train connection (city train S 7 with the possibility of bike transport), gas station.
Regelsbrunn: bus and train connection (city train S 7 with the possibility of bike transport), the seat of district police.
Private Emmi Scharmer, Wildungsmauer, Donaustrasse 13, Phone: 02163/2375
Restaurants and taverns:
Café-Restaurant "Seinerzeit", Wildungsmauer an der B 9, Phone: 02163/2753
Tavern Johann Kratky, Regelsbrunn, Hainburger Strasse 1, Phone: 02163/2075
Wine bars/Wine Cellars:
Almstädter Gertrude, Wildungsmauer, Brückengasse 8, Phone: 02163/2165
Raser-Jahner, Wildungsmauer, Donaustrasse 23, Phone: 02163/2326


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