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Actual position Village Wolfsthal

Chairman of the viniculture: Gottfried NIEFERGALL, 2412 Wolfsthal, Hauptstraße 1, Phone: 02165/63319
Secretariat of the Municipality Council: Thomas Knaus, Municipality Council.
Wolfsthal - Altitude: 149 m, Number of citizens: 750, Capacity of beds: 7.
It is very nice village interested in agriculture and viniculture. Near there are beautiful forests with romantic paths. The village is located near the Austrian-Slovakian border (near Bratislava) right on the cycling route nearby Danube (from Vienna to Budapest). The near watchtower is good viewpoint to Hungarian lowland and to „Porto Hungarico“. Cozy wine bars look after your good mood during your visit here. This is a perfect place for trips for all families with children. The prospect about the village is available on your demand.
Sights in the municipality:
The church "Maria im Birnbaum", that is a pilgrimage place and was sacred to St. Jacob. The core comes from the Middle Ages. Its altar was built in earlier Baroque style. The church was rebuilt during the years 1744-49. Originally it used to be a Romanesque church with only one nave but in 1710 it was enlarged and rebuilt to Baroque style. During the restoration in 1998 the original entrance to the church was discovered. It comes from 1700 and it was probably the entrance to the tomb of aristocratic family of Walterskirchens. It was fixed and declassified.

The castle Walterskirchen was rebuilt to the style of historic romanticism in 19th Century. Its core comes from 16th – 17th Century. Originally it was called Wassenburg (12th Century) and it was the original residence of aristocratic family. The history of Wolfsthal and also the life of its citizens were connected with the life of this family for centuries. At the present time the castle is settled by the family of Walterskirchens.
Small memorials: the statue of St. Johann from Nepomuk (1735), the statue of St. Florian (1780), the statue of the „Immaculate Conception“ (1680), the Column of St. George (1795), the Column of St. Leonard, the St. Trinity Column.
The house of birth of the writer and poet Jozef Hiess (memorable plaque on Hauptstraße 17).
The ruins of the fortress Pottenburg (called also „Hasenburg“) are situated on the direction to Berg. In Middle Ages it was the place for passing the boundary in front of Hainburg’s Gate. There are relics of large powerful fortress complex from 13th Century. It was fortified twice, in 1359 and 1437. The chapel was enlarged in 1496. The complex was ruined till 1529.
The original pillory, right on the route B 9, in front of the house on Hauptstraße 34.
War memorial, right on the route B 9, Hauptstr. 54.
General facilities:
bus and train connection (city train S 7 with the possibility of bike transport), gas station, bank, ATM machine, shopping center, car repair service, store with car accessories, metal-processing factory, OMEGA, Malerbetrieb, Biomasse-Heizwerk, Heurigenlokale, barber.
Sports activities and possibilities for your spare time:
Sport playground, tennis courts, cycling, walks, horse carriages, horse-riding, fishing (tickets for one day you can buy at the gas station STROH, Phone: 02165/62896).
Summer games in Wolfsthal "Ciarivari", Phone/Fax: 02165/62323 ( or

Private "Korseska", Wolfsthal, Hauptstraße 39, Phone: 02165/63511
Restaurants and taverns:
Café-Restaurant „Tie-break“, Sportplatzweg 11, Phone: 02165/ 651 20
Wine Bars/Wine Cellars:
Niefergall Gottfried and Elisabeth, Wolfsthal, Hauptstraße 1, Phone: 02165/63319
Niefergall Johann and Kornelia, Wolfsthal, Villagasse 4, Phone: 02165/62893


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