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Zlatá Baňa

Actual position Village Zlatá Baňa
 Attraction highlighting:  In the years 1730-1861 some unsuccessful attempts of gold mining
Zlatá Baňa-Village Zlata Baňa
Village Zlata Baňa
Zlatá baňa lies in the Slánské mountains, in the upper part of the Delne valley. The first written mention about the village comes from 1550 when the king Ferdinand I authorised the Spišská chapter to familiarize the yeomen with their ownership of hereditary and acquired properties, and thus the ownership of half of mines in the Delne valley. The mining settlement was founded in the first half of the 16th century in the territory of Lesíček village. Zlatá Baňa became independent in the half of the 19th century. Name of the village can be found in the following documents: 1567 Aranpatak in the meaning of Zlatý potok (The Golden Stream), 1873 Aranybánya (Zlatá Baňa - The Golden Mine), 1920 Zlaté (The Golden), 1927 Zlatá Baňa.
In the years 1730-1861 some unsuccessful attempts of gold mining were carried out in the present territory of village. But they ended by creating an public company for clay mining used for producing tiles. In those times the present-day name of village was fixed. Later at the beginning of the 20th century the mining continued with mining of antimony (mining was stopped during the Second World War).
Zlatá Baňa-Event of gold-washing
Event of gold-washing
Extensive forests situated in the village neighbourhood were of public property in the 19th century. The Church was built in the village late in the 20th century, beginning of construction in 1968, suspended by decision of the officers and finished only in 1998.

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