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Actual position Town Nováky
 Attraction highlighting:  National water polo centre in Nováky was opened in 2006
Nováky-The church of St. Nicholas built in classic movement in the place of the old church–mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture
The church of St. Nicholas built in classic movement in the place of the old church–mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture
The town Nováky is situated on the upper bank of the river Nitra, between the mountain massives Vtáčnik and Rokoš, 8 km from the city Prievidza and 10 km from Bojnice.
Zoborská deed issued in September 1113 by the king Koloman by request of Godofréd - opiate of Zobor’s castle of St. Hypolit, is the proof of the town’s existence. Then Nováky was called NUOAC.
Settlement of the area of Nováky is dateless. It is testified by a unique finding of a human being and a children from the period of Cainozoic (1 million y. B.C.) in coal stratum in the mine called “Peace“. Significant archelogical traces of Nováky’s settlement come from the late Stone Age (1200-800 z. B.C.). A valuable finding of skeleton grave was found and comes from the times of Great Moravia (8th and 9th century A.D.).
Thanks to the Nováky’s location, when the town layed on the road communication from Ponitrie to Turec – with the air line only 25 km from a vast fortress system in Vyšehrad, then Nováky was probably not avoided by any significant event. Christianity started to take root already before the arrival Byzantine mission of Constantine and Metod.
Toward the end of 11th century, by then, free and independent Nováky became a royal possession controlled from Prievidzský castle untill 1321. Then its keeping descended from the Prievidzský castle to Bojnický castle. In 1395 king Žigmund promoted Nováky’s reeve format to hereditary škultécia. Since that Nováky was called oppidum = townlet, and is obliged to pay obligatory allowances to the authorities. In 1434 king Žigmund prsented “Sivý Kameň“ and its suurounding to Gregor Majthényi, whose descendants voted Nováky for their permanent seat and lived there until the half of 20th century. A small group of German colonists settled down here already in 1383.
A meaningful role in Nováky doubtless belongs to the Jews. In 1870 was built a synagogue and in 1875 the majority of Majthényi‘s possession in Nováky became leased by Jews.
Nováky-National water polo centre in Nováky
National water polo centre in Nováky
The first inhabitant of Nováky who was enrolled to Vienna university was Paulus de Nowak, in 1549. The first school was built nearby a church in 1812. Nováky was connected to electricity network in 1930 and in 1940 began the building up of collieries.
Improvement of conditions of cultural development occurred in 1959 when the “house of culture“ was given to the public. In 1961 was Nováky proclaimed a town.
If the inhabitants want to relax, they visit the municipal park or go for rowing or fishing to the lake.
Nováky lives a rich sports life, many famous sports clubs and water polo, canoeing, carate, football, tennis and ski divisions have been working here. Their members took part in Slovak or Europe championships and also have represented the Slovak republic on Olympic Games.

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