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Actual position Village Jablonové
 Attraction highlighting:  Jablonové survived Great Moravia
Village Jablonové is situated at 229 metres above sea level in southern part of Záhorská lowland, on its contact with foot of the mountain range Malé Karpaty. It lies 18 km southwest from district town Malacky and 36 km from the capital Bratislava. The first written record can be found in the charter of Hungarian king Ondrej II. from 1206 in which he gave this village to his loyal count Alexander. In 13th century the village was property of mayor of Bratislava Jakub and the last owner was the Pálffy family.
There were only several villages having their coat of arms already at the beginning of the 17th century. According to historians the coat of arms of Jablonové depicts the flowers of wild apple trees. In 11th and 12th century these trees had defensive function because of their firmness and thorny branches.
Destiny of the village was sometimes difficult. It had to face Thököly uprising, invasions of Turks in Vienna, in 1708 it was burnt by imperial soldiers, in 19th century it was three times struck by cholera (cholera cemetery still exists here), the village burnt down several times. Total area of the village is 4242 ha, the half of this area is grown with forests and the rest is created by arable land and meadows. People therefore devoted themselves to agriculture, wood processing, production of wooden instruments and logging. The village had five mills.
Renaissance Roman-Catholic Church of St. Michael built in 1669 is considered a historical monument. After the fire in 1842 it had to undergo substantial restoration. Origin of the interior of the church dates back to these times as well. The village has preserved a Jewish cemetery. Remnants of the glassworks are to be found in the part of the village called „Hute“. Manganese ore mining area was situated between villages Jablonové, Pernek and Pezinok.
The beginnings of education date back to the half of the 19th century when Roman-Catholic church school was built in the centre of the village. Professor Ján Želibský (1907–1997) is one of the representatives of cultural life of this village. He comes from Jablonové and became a Honorary village dweller and academic painter. Another important personality- Ján Galbavý (1800 – 1884) - was Slovak national awakener, pedagogue and publicist, one of the founders of Matica slovenská as well as catholic priest who lived in the village 46 years and has been buried here as well. He is commemorated by a memorial tablet.
„Sviatky Pomoravia“ is festival of cultural and sports events that takes place each year at the beginning of July in Jablonové since 1998. Representatives from regions Južná Morava, Weinviertel and Záhorie participate in this festival.
JABLONKA is a non-profit organization established in Jablonové which deals above all with ecology and various activities for children.
In village you can find a new boarding house for pensioners SENIORVILLE, Restaurant and Pizzeria, grocery store, shops with shoes, clothes, gardening equipment, flowers, building and installation material.


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