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Central European countries Attractions

Tourism and sports:
Camp oáza:
Take advantage of a cheap recreation!

By exploring every opportunity given by nature, since the year 1982 we have been offering an enjoyable spending of your leisure time and a recreation for domestic and foreign visitors on the left bank of the Váh.

Water and hot sand spread on several hectares with a delightful stir of trees are very suitable for spending some moments bathing, sunburning and reposing for children and for adults.

For water sportsmen including snorkeling, for fishers and visitors who take fancy in walking in nature, conditions for full exploitation of leisure time and rest exist.

The magic of fascinating night campfires contribute to unforgetable experience of recreation.

About opportunities and conditions:

It´s very good to know something about Autocamping and its services:
  • health care service

  • warm and cold water, you can take a shower

  • social facilities

  • shopping tents

  • fruits, vegetables

  • children´s playground

  • sports playgrounds

  • Lodging:
  • camping

  • motor caravans

  • private cottages, if you require that in advance

  • In the village Komoča (appr. 300m)
  • shopping centre

  • several grocery shops

  • pub

  • café

  • sports playground
  • cultural house - disco

    The nearest towns:

    Nové Zámky - district town, 12km, 43 000 inhabitants, hotels, restaurants, thermal swimming pool, roofed swimming pool, museum, gallery, cinemas + autocinema, department stores, hospital, etc.

    Kolárovo - 6km, 14 000 inhabitants, hotel, restaurants, shopping centres, cinema, etc.

    Oáza Camp
    941 21 Komoča
    Tel: +421-35-941181 (648 1181), +421-35-941152 (648 1152
    Fax: +421-35-941187 (648 1187)
    Mobil: 0905649 965

    With our services and desire to make enjoyable your leisure time we welcome you so hearty.

  • Website city/village:  

             e-mail: trade@ba.psg.sk
             phone: 00421-903447629, 00421-650340155
    E-mail us