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Attraction highlighting: exposition of Bárkány´s collection of Judaic culture

The first written mention about Prešov is in a pergamen from the king Béla IV from 1247. In 1299 Prešov was awarded town privileges by the king Ondrej III.
Prešov lies latitude 49 degrees north and longitude 21 degrees 15 minutes east, approximately in the middle of the region of the Eastern Slovakia, enclosed by the Košická hollow, the Slánske hills and the Sarus country hills. Absolute altitude of historical centre, declared the national cultural monument, is 252m above sea level.

Prešov has its extension of 73,14 km2, is the third biggest town in Slovakia and it is the metropolis of the largest country in Slovakia which consists of 13 districts. It serves as an important administrative centre.

panorama of town
Panorama of town

Prešov is formed of four wards: Prešov, Solivar, Nižná Šebestová and Šalgovík. There live approximately 93 000 inhabitants. Following national structure the Slovaks dominate (94,7%), then national and ethnic minorities: the Ukrainians 1,4%, the Gypsies 1,2%, the Czechs 1%, the Magyars 0,2% and other 0,5%.

Following religion structure: the Roman-Catholics 57,8%, the Greek-Catholics 7,1%, the Evangelics 4,1%, the Orthodoxes 1,1% and other churches and religion societes 0,8%. Without denomination 11,2% and not specified 17,9% of citizens of Prešov.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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There are two permanent theatres - the Theatre of Jonáš Záborský and the Theatre of Alexander Duchnovič and three cinemas (capacity 1270 seats), amphitheatre for 6000 spectators.
Services of cultural character offer the Park of culture and rest and the Cultural house of trade union.

The most important libraries in Prešov are the State scientific library, the University library, and the Library of P.O.Hviezdoslav.
The regional museum gathers and shows very interesting museum´s collections in several expositions. A permanent exposition of Bárkány´s collection of Judaic culture in the Jewish orthodox synagogue is unique. Remarkable expositions of art is prepared by the Sarus gallery.
To these cultural facilities belong the Observatory and the Planetarium, the Sarus educational centre.

There is a wide range of sports facilities. To these belong a football stadium FC Tatran Prešov for 16000 spectators, a winter stadium VTJ Farmakol Prešov for 6500 spectators, a city multipurpose hall for 5500 spectators.
Summer swimming pools are at the housing developments III and Delni. Localities Sigord - Zlatá Baňa in the Slánske hills, Drienica - Lysá in the Čergov, valley of the Svinky and the Hornád rivers in the Čierna hill serve for outskirts recreation.

Prešov has a tradition of education. Basic education provide 22 elementary schools attended by 13 355 pupils. In addition to state schools are church and private schools. Secondary schools (37 schools) is developed.
Prešov is a high school´s centre. There are the University of Prešov with Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Education, Greek-Catholic faculty of theology and Orthodox faculty of theology. Parts of the University are the Institut of tourism and the Hotel´s management. Technical education provides the Faculty of manufacturing technologies of the Technical University in Košice with its seat in Prešov. At these universities more than 5000 students study in various forms of studium.

Branch structure of industry located in Prešov is very markedly diversified. The most important are mechanical, metal and clothing industry. There are also timber industry represented by two big companies and traditionally printing industry. Extensive is food-processing industry. It is represented by 7 bigger companies. An unique factory is Solivary, a.s., only one plant for mining and processing of salt in Slovakia. Structure of industry is completed by many smaller companies and production cooperatives.

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