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 Attraction highlighting: Pálffyovský kaštieľ

Priding itself as the center of Záhorie region, Stupava is the town with lively cultural and social calendar. This small historical town is located only a few kilometers from the Slovak Capital Bratislava which makes it an ideal place for short weekend break, afternoon trip or light lunch with friends in the town center. Members of the local community have been organizing many interesting events which soon became very popular for visitors of all ages. These cultural, social and sporting events include following:
- Folk festival known as ''Slávnosti kapusty'' (The Cabbage Festival) which takes place in early October each year
- Country music festival known as ''Stupavský širák'' (The Stupava's Country Hat) which takes place in mid August. This music event attracts many people who like well known American country music as well as local country singers and dancers.
- Summer event known as ''Kultúrne leto'' (The Cultural Summer) which takes place in the courtyard of the Cultural Hall in Stupava and includes many interesting cultural and musical performances. For more information on this event, please call +421 2 6593 4312.
- Painting exhibition which highlights artistic skills of local painters
- Other events include wide variety of music festivals, local fetes and traditional craft markets which became increasingly popular over the past few years.
- The International Competition of Small Tractors known as ''Ecce Terra'' in which drivers try to drive their tractors up the hill in the shortest possible time.
- The town of Stupava is a good starting point for natural walks. We would strongly recommend to visit the ruin of Pajštún Castle as well as the walk across the place known as Obora. Fishing at the local pond ''Jánošíkov rybník'' is also a good tip for weekend activity.

town Stupava

To find out more about the local communities and events, please contact the Cultural Center in Stupava (Mestské kultúrne stredisko Stupava, Slovakia) which regularly produces the list of events and local news. The magazine known as ''Podpajštúnske zvesti'' is the best guide for visitors; it is packed with many information on local meetings, cultural events, local news, interesting walks, cycle paths, accommodation and local guest houses etc.
Historical and cultural places in Stupava include:
- Local manor house ''Pálffyovský kaštieľ'' with historical gate house
- Memorial plaque which commemorates Captain Jan Nálepka
- Rural curia known as ''Zemanské''
- Pottery Museum of F. Kostka
- Town's column which was made of stone
- St. Trinity Column
- Roman Catholic Church of St. Stephan
- Archaeological site known as ''Castrum''
- Painting of St. Ján Nepomucký
- Chapel ''Kalvária''
- The Jewish Synagogue
- and many other sites in the town and its surrounding.

Accommodation facilities in Stupava:
- Hotel Stupava - an ideal place to stay for a short break, longer holiday, business meeting or conference
- Sport & Leisure Complex ''Willisport'' which has got an attractive tennis courts and several rooms to let for those who would like to explore Stupava.

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