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Association of tourism

Village Belá-Dulice, PD Mošovce
Village Blatnica, PD Žabokreky
Village Folkušová
Village Daňová, TJ Družstevník Belá-Dulice
Village Mošovce, Association Žabokreky
Village Necpaly
Village Turčianske Jaseno
Village Žabokreky

Business subjects:
AMEDOS HQ, s.r.o. Žabokreky
ATC Pod Záhorím Blatnica
DOMOVINA MartinGADER, s.r.o. Blatnica
Ulbricht Rudolf Jasenská dolina
JARABINA, s.r.o. Belá-Dulice
JASED, s.r.o. Belá-Dulice
REKREA, s.r.o. Jasenská dolina
VIA MAGNA, s.r.o. Mošovce
HAGACENTRUM, Mgr. Pulcová, Sebeslavce
SHR Vladimír Chromčík, Žabokreky
REBACH, s.r.o. Martin
Milan Berko, Lipovec
CK WALDTOUR, p. Hegerová, Martin

The past and the present:
The Association was founded in the year 1993 following the iniciative of villages of the Turiec, agricultural companies and businessmen from the Turiec side of the Great Fatra.
In 1999 the association was transformed into a civil association and after the period of learning to cooperate together and to tout as a microregion by an offer of various tourist opportunities and services for visitors came the era of common active work on project creation resulting in development of tourism connected with increase of labour and business opportunities.

Solution of common problems in branch of tourism, agrotourism, development of the country, renewal of village, protection of environment, advertising of region and development of infrastructure.

Seat of the Association:
Info centre JASED
038 11 Belá-Dulice 385
Phone/Fax: +421-842-4297717
e-mail: jased@enelux.sk
- information about members, tourism, accommodation, services

Translation: Hošková

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         phone: 00421-903447629, 00421-650340155
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