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 Attraction highlighting: Church, Monastery and the Culture House

Village Maňa is situated in the Žitavská uplands. The valley of the Žitava river attracted people in the Primeval Age to settle down here. Proof of this fact there are finds from the neolit, the Bronze Age and the Hallstatt's Age. The Celtic burial ground from the 3rd - 1st century BC belongs to the biggest finds in Central Europe.

There had been living several nations - the Skyts, the Celts, the Markomans, the Cvads and other. Arrival of the Slaws is dated since the 6th century.

Folklore group "Dolina Maňa"

The first written mentions of village come from 1259. In this year Veľká Maňa was sold by the Hungarian King Béla IV to the Earl Thomas, later belonged to property of Matus Čák Trenčiansky.
Since 1386 was possessed by the rich family Forgáčs. Village had survived the Turks-Osmans occupations in the years 1599-1663.
Since 1712 village belonged to the Earl Koller. This owner secured constructing of church, monastery, in 1748 the first school was built up and the last owner was the Earl Gejza Feldváry whose offsprings have been alive to these days.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Village Maňa was founded in 1962 following the connection of village Veľká Maňa and Malá Maňa. Nowadays there live 2107 inhabitants of Slovak nationality.
Dominant of village is the Church, the Monastery and the Culture House. The Church was built up in the Neo-Gothic style. Curiosity of the Church is a picture of Madona from the 16th century, or called "the Virgin Mary Indian". Original of this picture is located in Vienna and its only copy is in our church.

The Monastery comes from the second half of the 17th century. To the Monastery belonges a large protected natural formation - the park where are some rare woods: sycamore and metasequoia.

Access to village by train and bus. Village has three railway stations. Village is situated on the half-way between Nové Zámky and Nitra and 7km away from a famous thermal swimming pool Podhájska.

There are private health care centre with ambulances of general, child doctor and stomatology, a private chemist.

In the terrier of the village there is the State natural reserve "Žitavský luh" established for protection of water and floodplain birdlife.

Inhabitants engage in viticulture and wine production in their leisure time. In the vineyard's area "Stará hora" are located some wine houses - "hajlochy" (more than 200 houses).

Traditions are preserved - election of mayor and its assistants "peregovia" and consecration of the feast day of St Urban - patron of wine-dressers.

There are two folklore groups Dolina and Dolinka (of children) which preserve songs, dances, traditions of our village and the amateur theatre.
Village Maňa is famous for organizing of Požitavské folklore feasts which goal is to preserve folklore traditions of the Požitavský region.

Translation: Hošková

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