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Region Pieniny and Zamagurie

Červený Kláštor

 Attraction highlighting: National cultural monument Červený Kláštor, Rafting on the Dunajec

Červený Kláštor is situated at the confluence of the Dunajec and a brook named Lipník near the border with Poland, to the northeast of the High Tatras in the region called Zamagurie by local people. Through this village passes border of Pieniny National Park and forms an entry gate to the national nature reserve Prielom Dunajca. It is a natural centre of tourism in the Zamagurie.

History of village is connected with the Monastery founded in 1319 by Master Kakaš Berzevici, the heir and at that time owner of almost all assets in the northwestern Spiš. In the period of 1329-1563 the Monastery was the seat of Carthusians and in the years 1704-1782 of order of Camalduls. In the years 1956-1966 the State secured reconstruction of this national cultural monument and the Monastery was opened to public.
Till this time interior of the Gothic-Baroque Church was not reconstructed. Under vaults of the Monastery where is located an interesting museum, come a lot of visitors.

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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Červený Kláštor is situated at the border of Pieniny National Park and touches the national reserve Prielom Dunajca. Pieniny National Park is the smallest, but the most picturesque national park in Slovakia. Its extension is 3750ha and is connected with Pieniny National Park in Poland (2360ha). Parts of area of both national parks formed a base for the first international park in Europe (1932).
In front of the Monastery is a protected area Pieninské lipy (Pieniny´s lime-trees).

For tourists and visitors are prepared two nearby campings and tent camps with a beautiful view of Tri koruny (Three Crowns) located on the bank of the Dunajec. In the village are three hotels in operation, one of them in front of the village, second one in the area of Červený Kláštor and the third one in the local part Smerdžonka. Then many cottages, boarding houses, a ski-lift and a pond are spread here. There is the seat of the Administration of Pieniny National Park and the Information Agency.

From Červený Kláštor visitors can go rafting through Prielom Dunajca, walking or cycling to village Lesnica or a Pole spa town Szczawnica using tourist path is very popular. At the frontier crossing Červený Kláštor - Sromowce is planned construction of raft for transport of persons across the Dunajec.

To the most important activities organised every year belong the Zamagurian folk feasts in June and a water-sport show the International Pieniny Slalom in September.

Translation: Hošková

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