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Problematical area related to every citizen, 
every town, every village,
 every part of the country

 1. Try to renew traditional Slovak cordiality and hospitality.
 2.  Help visitor in every situation – take care of his/her safety.
 3. Clear up and arrange all public areas in our towns/villages.
 4.  Keep traditional Slovak cleanliness and neatness. Special attention should be given to the public toilets and lavatories.
 5. Welcome all visitors with smile.
 6. High quality food should be served everywhere.
 7. Give as much information as you can.
 8.  The same price standards or services for everybody
 9.  Limited number of visitors to the recreational and sport facilities. In case that some facitity is out of order, we should give the full refund to our visitor.
10. Take care of the environment incl. ponds, rivers, streams, forests, meadows, etc.

These are only 10 short advice for you but this area is neverending. Please, do not hesitate to send us your ideas, suggestions, themes, notes, reminders, complaints, information about the activities in the area you live etc. on our e-mail with subject „Citizen to Visitor“. We will take them into accounts and publish them as well.

It is just a little thing but it can start here and take on in the future. In case you are not sure how to promote and develop our tourism activities (without precise law acts in this area), there comes a little help: if you have a customer/visitor from foreign country, imagine yourself being him/her and treat your visitor the way you would like to be treated. You will soon find out that money do not play such an important role.

Bratislava, 20th March 2000

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