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Central European countries Attractions

Bardejovské kúpele:
6km far from the city, in the middle of coniferous and leafy forests, one can find the spa. There are many existing facts proving the historical usage  of natural curing springs, e.g. the accounting records from 1505. Nowadays spa uses 17 springs for curing deseases of digestive organs and lower airways. The cultural life also cintributes to the pleasant stay at the health resort, e.g. promenade concerts or International music summer, and many others.

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Mestská pamiatková rezervácia Bardejova:
Historical Gothic municipal core is signed into the list of world’s cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO. It is formed by several buldigs and fortification system with bastions. Above all it is a Rennaisance town hall from 1505-1509, which had been the seat of the municipal council, but also the centre of business, social and cultural life of the inhabitants.

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Suburbium - areál židovských stavieb v Bardejove:
West from the centre spreads an urbanistic complex built in the 18th century according to the Talmudic instructions. Suburbium together with the historical, unicipal core were signed into the world’s cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.

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Vlkolínec stále živý:
This unusual village was on 11th December 1993 signed up in Colubian Cartagena to the list of the world cultural and natural legacy UNESCO, what confirms its unique and universal  merit and necessity of its protection on behalf of all people. Two-storeyed log belfry (1770), log winch well (1860) and baroque-classic  church od Visiting Madonna (1875) are also situated there. Peasenat’s House is an interesting museal object because of its exposition of original housing.
All year ‘round Vlkolínec organize different cultural events. The most popular is Sunday in Vlkolínec organized always on the first August’s Sunday.

Attractive tourist centres in the city surrounding

Smrekovica and Donovaly are two other tourist centres of this region. Also the surrounding of Likavský castle, the peak Havránok with late Keltic settlement and the water basin Liptovská Mara raise the attractivity of the scene. Not only in the city but also in the near surrounding one can find many recreation and bath centres. To the most known belong the thermal bath Bešeňová, then the spa Lúčky curing women diseases and the spa Ľubochňa with its medical endocrinological establishment.

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