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The famous cycle trail known as "The Danube Cycle Trail" leads from Passau via Vienna to Bratislava. It can be joined to other trails leading further afield to Hungary and The Czech Republic where it becomes "The Moravian Cycle Trail".

"The Danube Cycle Trail"
This trail is marked by signposts from the Slovak/Austrian border in Petrzalka/Berg to Pristavny bridge. The remaining section starting from Petrzalka/Berg and going to Medvedov is still being completed.

"The Moraviam Cycle Trail"
The most important part of this trail runs from Devinska Nova Ves to Zahorska Ves. This section features:
  • A tarmac finished surface
  • Clear sign posting both on posts and painted on the trail
  • resting points well equipped with shelters, seats, WC's, bicycle stands and litter bins to allow the traveller time to rest and appreciate fully the environment
  • Painted signs are distributed along the trails 137 km and are most prolific in the following sections:
    - Devin - Moravsky Svaty Jan - Petrzalka/Berg - Cunovo - Vojka nad Dunajom - Gabcikovo

  • 133 Sign Posts also guide the traveller in the following places:
    - Lafranconi bridge - Devin - Zahorska Ves - Moravsky Svaty Jan - Port Bridge - Cunovo - Vojka nad Dunajom

  • Information signboards - there are 9 information boards at sections:
    - Lafranconi bridge - Devin - Zahorska Ves - Moravsky Svaty Jan - Port Bridge - Cunovo - Vojka nad Dunajom

  • Resting points - there are 5 resting points situated in:
    - Devin - Devinska Nova Ves - Stupava - Vysoka pri Morave - Moravsky Svaty Jan

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