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Easy-going walk to Jánošíková skala (rock)

This walk will give you an answer to the question:
"Where did Janosik use to sit?" (Janosik was a famous Slovak male hero who use to take valuables from wealthy people and give them to the poor people).

A tip for a easy-going walk starting in the village of Vitaz close to the town of Krompachy. You can reach Vitaz by car or bus, there are regular bus connections to this village from nearby towns and villages, such as Presov, Krompachy etc. It is situated in eastern Slovakia.

If you would like to know where Janosik used to sit, you are welcome to come to Saris region which is situated by eastern foot of Branisko mountain. Janosikova skala (Janosikova rock) is located northwest from a small village of Vitaz. The old legend says that Janosik used to sit on this rock.

touristic paths

There are two footpaths starting in Vitaz. Take one of them, it will lead you to the valley by stream of Pohlodov. Go against the flow of the stream, walk across the stream, get to the left side of the stream and you will get to the well of mineral water called Slana voda (Salty water). Continue going against the flow of the stream and the footpath will lead you to across the meadows to Slubica. The footpath then goes to the edge of meadows where you can see many rocks. Get to the edge of the woods. The first strategic point is a small picnic area, the second point is about 400 metres further and is placed on the rock. The last point is situated 50 metres from the second point on the birch tree. Turn left and go further 25 metres to get to the end of the jouney. The Janosikova rock is just in front of you.
To get back to the village of Vitaz, take the same path.

The article from magazine "Krasy Slovenska", 9-10/2000, page 26.
The map of Jozef Kolar used with his kind permition.

Translation: A.Bendíková

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