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Microregion Medveš is an association of legal persons, registrated by regional office in Banská Bystrica the 30th of June 1998.

Seat: 980 34 Municipal office Nová Bašta
Chairman: Magdaléna Farkasová


Members of this association are villages Tachty, Vešelkov, Studená, Stará Bašta , Nová Bašta, Gemerský Jablonec, Dubno, Petrovce, Hajnáčka, Šiatorská Bukovinka, Blhovce.
The association is a non-profit making organisation, its resources uses for development of the microregion Medveš.

Major task is to coordinate activities of villages and other subjects in the region in all sectors of regional development, with intention to qualify living conditions for inhabitants of this region in sense of steady sustainable development.
Stará Bašta Gemerský Jablonec

Pohansky castle

Stone waterfall Somoška

The most known nature beauties:
  • ŠPR Pohanský castle (state nature reserve) - Stará Bašta
  • CHKO Cerová vrchovina (landscape protected area)

The most known historical monuments:
  • Šomoška castle - Šiatorská Bukovinka
  • Castle hill Hajnáčka - Hajnáčka
  • Kostná valley - Hajnáčka
  • Ragáč - Hajnáčka
  • Well of Mrs. Mary, place of pilgrimage - Nová Bašta - Večelkov
  • The Romanesque Church - Gemerský Jablonec

Dams - Water reservoir:
  • Tachty - Večelkov - fishing

Cultural feasts:
  • Meeting under Medvešov
  • Marches
  • Street ball in the village Stará Bašta

Sports opportunities:
  • Hunteries - hunting association Medveš
  • Footbal - Medveš cup - annually

Cultural institutes:
  • Village museum - Studená
  • Memorial tablet of writer Sándor Petöfi - Večelkov

Frontier crossing:
  • Tachty - Cered: Open momentary - on Easter Sunday, Turíce, on the 20th of August, Day of the Deceased, Christmas

map of landscape protected area Cerová Vrchovina

Translation: Hošková
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