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The Association consists of eleven villages
of north-eastern part of Turiec region:
Šútovo, Ratkovo , Krpeľany, Nolčovo , Podhradie,
Turčianska Štiavnička , Sučany, Vrútky , Lipovec, Turčianske Kľačany , Turany.
To the Association were connected step by step the Guild of toys producers,
Autocamping Turany - Trusalová, Turimex s.r.o and Manna - advertising agency.

The basic intention of the Association is "to improve life quality of inhabitants and to increase whole employment by means of development of tourism and other activities in our region."

By the interconnection they provide a mixed offer: folklore, folk handicrafts, fruiterery, sheep-breeding, fishery, huntery, cycletourism, attractive tourist tours, accomodation at farmer courtyards, in the summer-time you can go bathing, in the winter go skiing.

The Association TV-FC operates four common undertakings under its control every year:
In each season one of them:
- winter - Christmas market of folk handicrafts" - in Turčianska Štiavnička
- spring - "By the way of the Association" - cyclist tour through the membership villages of the Association
- summer - "Meeting with folklore" - June in Turany village.
- autumn - "Harvest-home in the Association TV-FC" - September in Turany

One of the basic tasks of the Association is a common propagation and preparation of undertakings of individual membership subjects.

Its members are conscious of necessity to move whole activity ahead:
to create information center, to employ contact person - facilitator who will help to finish the Program of development of Turčiansko - Vážsko - Fatranský microregion and will coordinate whole activity in the Association.
Further it is necessary to mark our microregion at the entry to the villages and to establish information tables about the Association in each village.

pri zmačknutí Vrútky Lipovec Turčianske Kľačany Turany po zmačknutí obec Sučany Trusalová Ratkovo Krpeľany Nolčovo Konské Podhradie Šútovo Rieka Turčianska Štiavnička

Address of the Association:

Turčiansko Vážsko-Fatranská cesta
Matušovičovský rad 4
038 61 Vrútky Phone / Fax: 0842 / 4132 958


Agrofatra Turany s.r.o.
Turimex spol. s r.o. Turany
Mana - graphics studio (Vrútky)

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