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Zvolenska Slatina

Attraction highlighting: Memorial room of Terezia Vansova (Slovak writer)
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The earliest written reference dates from 1263. The village had a few different names starting with "SANCTA CRUX DE SOLIO" which was the original name of the village. It means "holy cross near Zvolen". The present name of the village - Zvolenska Slatina - dates from 1927.

The village was inhabited in the early Bronze Age which is documented by a few findings. There are several unusual natural creations in the area as well as protected locations such as: Aluvium Slatinskeho potoka a Hucavy; landscape of Sitarka, castle hill of Boky; Prosisko, Pyramida and Skalka; and two mineral wells called "Pri hruske" and "Na Selach".

Rom.cath.baroque church

Points of interest, remarkables and rarities

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There are several historical and cultural buildings in the village such as:
- Roman Catholic Church of Povysenia sv. kriza which was built in baroque style in 1787
- Evanjelic Church built in classic and neogothic style in 1784
- Boroviny - Krvavnik reminding battle with Turks in 1599
- ruins of Viglassky castle
- Memorial room of Terezia Vansova (Slovak writer)
- Roman Catholic Folk School
- Pomnik padlych - memorial of those who died in the World War I. and II. created by Prof. J. Kulich, a sculptor
- Jewish churchyard

writer T. Vansova   memorial room   memorial to the Worl War

The surrounding of the village is suitable for walking. Several footpaths will lead your way through. You can see a few protected species of plants in the nature too.

The famous natives of the village are:
- Mikulas Moyzes, a music composer
- Jan Bahyl, the inventor of helicopter
- Terezia Vansova and Maria Durickova, well-known Slovak writers
- Rinaldo Olah, violin player
- Prof. J. Kulich, sculptor

The village had two significant visitors - Russian writer B. Polevoj and first Czechoslovakian president Tomas G. Masaryk.

Zvolenska Slatina is known for some tasty food too. Majority of dishes are made of potatoes and special cheese which taste similarly like goat's cheese. Various soups, spreads and pies are made of it.
Tradition of needlework, carving and wicker produce is still alive in the village.
Folk music, traditional folk costumes and crafts are other symbols of village life.

There are also a few sporting facilities and occassions in the village such as: bowling, fitness centre, riding school, fishing and hunting is also possible here.

Translation: A.Bendíková
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